Hi guys,

I’m working on this “Wall-e” project.

I think that there is enough details, but I would like to make scene… so do you guys have any tips for me? I tried many different backrounds and none werent good.

All feedback is welcome!

Crap… That’s good…

it looks amazing. Maybe a little less DoF though?

i agree with doncrone, the DOF is a bit too strong but otherwise he looks as charming as the original :slight_smile:

How…did you…do that? That is absolutely spot-on! Well, very nearly. There is some repetitive texturing on the tracks, but it’s barely noticeable. Also I don’t fully understand the hands on face look. But overall, it has the same level of feeling as the original (which for Wall-E is HUGE) and that’s the important thing.

Thanks you all! and owldude it means to be “wondering” Wall-e in some scene…

Awesome job! Is the model fully rigged?

almost, it is still work on.

Amazing as always!

Thanks! but i need some advise for my scene…

use the scene when was looking at the other robot in the charging unit (yes i have seen that movie 500 times i love it) that is a great wall-e

An other great work… :smiley: My suggestion: put him on the moon, or in a big “scary” city (I don´t know the film… sorry if it is a clashing with the style ;))

Creat animation. Which he create a defult cube in blender xD! or just replace that cube by him. When he transforms he looks like cube so… xD

If I had your skills, i would try and make some of those garbage cubes, and that shoe with the plant in it. OOOOORRR… maybe you could make an environment that plays AFTER the movie, where things start to ‘green up’ a bit again :>

Very cool! It’s almost like more “real” than the movie version if you know what I meant.

I vote for a scene that would follow after the movie…tons of green plant life around him with a huge color flower that he is gazing at (same pose)

again excellent work well done:)
Happy Blending!

Thanks everyone! I think i try to do first the " moon" scene or city…i am not sure yet.

Wow that looks great, nice render.

amazing, I would love it if you modelled eve as well. Wall-e and The Incredibles are probably my favourite Pixar movies

Thanks, Eve is modelled already…

I would say that you should put in Wall-e’s cockroach, that would add some humor to the scene.