Wall explosion camera tracking

After months (on and off) of experimenting and trial and error I’ve finally found a workflow to match CGI with real world footage. I put this video together roughly just as a proof of concept since I’m not very good at compositing.


Please note that this footage were not shot with this in mind hence the messy apartment and my gf and baby :stuck_out_tongue:

Real world footage shot on Canon EOS 500D
3d and rendering: Blender 3d 2.49
Compsiting: After effects CS3


how did you do that?:confused:

Pretty good!!

awesome! What motion tracker did you use?

@ Bionicle: I remodeled most of the geometry in the real world scene at the frame the explosion happens. Then I UV project textures from the footage to the 3d geometry. Then i used the Fracture script to “split” the geometry into seperate meshes and apply rigid body physics, then I crash a object through the wall while recording game engine physics to ipo.

@ Axelh92: It’s a couple of months since I did the tracking so I don’t really remember :stuck_out_tongue: But it was either PfHoe Pro or Icarus.

Wow, that is great.

where is this so called “Fracture” script you are talking about?

i went through the scripts in Blender and i couldnt find it, and on the blender.org site. Where can i get this script?

Sorry, I should’ve mentioned; http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=145074&highlight=fracture+script

I didn’t quite know how to use this script so I just opened the .Blend, saved the Fractureme3d script as a text file which I opened in text editor within my scene and ran it with the meshes selected


That’s really realistic :D,but how did you capture the image behind the wall?

@TheCroc: I took several images with a still image camera and stitched them to a panorama image and applied it to a plane in the background.

how did u get the animation to look realtime? When i record game physics to IPO, the animation is slow and it looks like the matrix. How can i speed it up other than going into each ipo and scaling it down?

And what frame rate was the camera recording at? was it a HD comp, did you have to convert the media to an image sequence first?


+1 for the breastfeeding finale

@blazr_raidr: In the “World” button under the tab “mist/stars/physics” you can set the fps for the Bulletphysics. For this video I set the physics to 20 fps while the rendered animation was 30 fps. You can play with the relation of these two to get the desired speed.

@3pointEdit: The footage was shot in 720p at 30fps as a H.264 formatted .mov file. No need to convert to sequence.


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ok, thanks ezpRado. But when i decrease the fps for the physics, pieces of the wall go through my ground, while at a higher fps, the pieces don’t go through. Its really annoying me. Any ideas on how to fix it? Thanks

I noticed that when I decreased the physics fps the simulation behaved a little different. But I turned “log”, “phys” and “sub” up to 5 as I think it increases the physics accuracy. Also it may help to subdivide your ground and make sure it’s thicker than just a plane. I also set my ground as Convex Hull bounds.

I’m far from a bullet expert but I’m more than willing to share settings to help you! :wink:
As mentioned I used month’s to get this working.


That scared the piss outta me lol, my speakers were turned way up.

Great work :slight_smile:

@ezpRado thanks, that worked fine!

i made a little tutorial for using this script: