Wall Jump?

I am making a parkour/stealth game in the third person, and I was wondering how to add wall jump? If you could explain in plain English, that would be great, I’m still a noob.

space bar -and------Jump force and jump=30

Jump min 2 max 30---------and----add -1 to jump

if jump=1 -----and-------apply force(+force negitive ray.hitNormal and Jump =30
ray hit wall–/

if jump=1-----and-------jump=0

Ummm… is this python? So in logic I wuld set it up as:
Make Integer prop jumping = 0;
the keyboard(space) - and - motion z force ???
I don’t know.


if jump =0 and keypress jump and feet on ground----and----apply force, jump=30

if jump min:2 max:30-----and--------add -1 to jump

if ray1(ground) and jump=1------and ----jump = 0

if jump>0 and keypress and ray2(forward)--------python

import bge
from mathutils import Vector
cont = bge.logic.getCurrentController()
own = cont.owner
key  = cont.sensors['Spacebar']
ray = cont.sensors['Ray2']

if ray.positive and key.positive:
     reflect = Vector(ray.hitNormal)*multiplier
     up = Vector([0,0,600])