Wall Material

Sorry for bad english (yeah, I’ll probably start every text with this line, because I think it’s really necessary)

Perhaps some of you know a game called “Sonic Unleashed”. Alright, alright, we all know that the game mechanichs is kind of bad (They basically took away that little caracteristic that made Sonic famous, which is his speed). This, and other problems aside, I really think that the graphics are GORGEOUS. I really like the design of the levels, and I love how each country/world in very unique. One of the worlds that I really like is Apotos, that is entirely inspired by the Cyclades (Santorini, for example). I really love it’s architecture. See for yourself:

I think I can handle the moddeling part by myself, but I’m really having problems with the material. I simply can’t reproduce then. Do you guys know any tip for me? I think that it should have glossiness applied to it. I already tried different levels of roughness for both Diffuse and Glossy node. Actually, I think that Cynicat Pro PBR material could help a lot here:

What I think is missing is some fine level of detail. Some displacement, some bump map. I don’t think I should keep it smooth. So, do you guys has any idea?
Here are some pics to help you understand the kind of material I’m looking for :wink: