wall mounted clock

Here’s a clock I’m working on, any suggestions would be appreaciated


First off, try turning OSA on. Then, I sould suggest making the clock background (the green stuff) a little less dark., Makes it hard to see.

You seem to have picked a wide variety of colours. Blue, green, gold, yellow, black… maybe you should tone it town a little. Most clocks only use 3 closely related colors… brown, yellow, black, white maybe. I know it is art, but… whatever.

Ya, needs OSA.

By the looks of things maybe you can make the hands more like the hour marks and then make it glow like it’s under black light. It looks like it’s supposed to glow under black light.

ok, I want to keep the gold color, what other colors would u think I should use for the hash marks and the clock hands without having them clash. Also, how would I make it glow like its under blacklight?

You would probably want to have a low light level with the texture effecting the emit value, never tried it myself so i’m not 100% sure how you would set it up.

I messed around with it some, and here is what I came up with, im not really sure what else to do with it, cuz I just started using blender, and my changes are limited to just messing around with sliders till I get something I like better.


The background is too dark. You could put texture on the wall so as to tend more for a realistic image. Maybe a window above th clock appera more realist.


Here I deleted the materials on the clock face and hands/hashmarks and just started over. I also put a wallpaper on the wall:
Still looking for C&C and any suggestoins on what kind of texture I could put on the gold ring of the clock would be nice. Thx.

Better. Much Better. I like that you cleaned up the colors… really relaxes my eye. Also, I looooove that flowery wallpaper stuff… I must say, I have two criticisms though.

  1. The gold rim – I would like to see it look more gold-ish. Looks kind of plasticy now. Try playing with the specularity hardness values to get a more even highlight.

  2. The clock background that blue / gray thing doesnt do it for me. Youve made some real progress, but the first thing my eye goes to is that background, and I dont like it. Maybe try making that the same colour as the rim.

One more thing… I really like the motionblur. Subtle things like that really further the realsim of a scene.

Better :slight_smile: The wallpaper is twisted.
Good idea for the motion blur :slight_smile:

Taking shape pretty nicely. Love the wallpaper