wall Problem

I’ve built something kind of like a wall, but for some reason the play can go through it. I’ve attatched the blend file. Please help! Also, when i change it, he just bounces off of it.


intro to scripting in blender.blend (563 KB)

The problem is that each wall needs to be rigid or static with colission bounds witch i think you had but the other thing is the player needed to be dynamic.

Also for something like this ther is no need for scripting its actually must faster and esier to just use logic bricks. i think anyways.

here is a blend doing the same thing that you had but with logic bricks.

spacebar to shoot arrow keys for movement like you had

each enemy will mind its own buisness but if it gets hit by a bullet it will turn and fallow you and after 5 hits it will die.


logic.blend (403 KB)

Omg, thank you! You went above and beyond in helping me! :smiley: O.o

no problem hope it works ok a better way of doing the movement controlls would be maybe WASD or mouse movement. And using Servo motion instead.

What’s the difference between Servo and Simple?

servo is better for collison and it is based off of force so for example if you use simple motion it will go in the intervals you have set instantly but servo will gradually start from 0 and go up the the interval you have set. Sry im not good at explaining things as you can tell :slight_smile:

Same, but I think I understood that pretty well. Thanks again! :smiley:

Cough What about the millions of people that use AZERTY? WASD for moving around is just … and arrows to move make more sense anyway. They are arrows for some reason! :stuck_out_tongue:

Very true. Whenever I set up a Movement System, I primarily use the Arrow Keys. WASD are secondary for me
(to be honest, I haven’t been aware of the AZERTY Layout for about two Decades – had to make this Confession) – it depends on the allover Controls Layout: Limbo, for Example, uses the Arrow Keys only, and there is no Need for one of the Alternatives.

(It is only problematic when Arrow Keys only are combined with Mouse Control and a poor Bastard (like me) only has a Touchpad for his Laptop. :wink: )

offtopic, side note:
It is time for a hotkey solution, so that the keys are no longer “hard coded”, but can be customized…

Check the EventManager. It allows to setup interchangeable keyboard and mouse events.

If this seems to be to complex you can easily write Python code that goes through each single object and changes each single keyboard sensor to listen to other keys. This method requires that there are no “superfantastic” Python controllers hiding hard-coded keyboard input in the code. A good naming of the sensors would be helpful too ;).

You can also prepare a setup/preset for the other keyboard layouts and allow the user to select them in your game’s menu. (and of course allow them to change the keys individually)


That’ s what I meant, a standardized method that allows to simply create in game menu’s for a.o. custom key settings/profiles, basically every game needs this. So it could be a standard feature?

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