Wall thickness (NO SOLIDIFY)

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although I’ve seen some threads about wall thickness, all of them are about solidfy modifier… So I’m sorry if this question is duplicated, but I’ve been unable to find what I need.

I’m sending my 3D model to a 3D printing web site and there are some restrictions. I started from a 3D scan and then I’ve modified wraped my piece in order to create a better low-poly topology, add or remove some parts of the structure, etc. Now, I have a prety complex model but, when I sent it to the printing web site, their software says that there are some parts below 1mm of thickness and there is no way to print the model until I fix it.

Model shape and curvature is pretty complex, so I was looking for some addon to evaluate minimum wall thickness and fix them or select the edges of the walls thinner than some amount… I’ve found nothing. We have to add to this current problem the fact that the walls have no inner edges, so I only can figure out what walls need to be fixed by substracting vertices coordinates. This is really annoying and hard to do it manually, but it shouldn’t be that hard programatically.

Any idea will be welcomed.
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Out of interest, have you applied the solidify modifier before exporting it?

I remember someone mentioning there being a program that you could use to test your mesh before 3d printing, i’ve not done 3d printing myself so apologies for not being of more help.

Hi DC Blood, my model had no solidify modifier, but yes, before 3D printing, I’ve applied every modifier I had (even subsurface) in order to create a softer surface. The problem was in detecting the thin walls. I’ve got the solution already: there is an addon named 3DPrintingBox which allows you to check many things what are required to print 3D models (wall thickness among them).


After enable the addon, in edit mode, at tools menu, you will see a new submenu named “Mesh Analysis”. One of the options at the selectable is “thickness” and you can set a minum and a maximum amount of thickness and it will colour the faces of the walls that dont fit that requirement. Take into account that the model must to be manifold (VERY IMPORTANT!!).

By this way, it is possible to check the wrong walls and fix them all.
I hope this POST could be useful for somebody else who is looking for a tool like this for any purpose.
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