wall washer lightimg?

hi all, i`m new at blender and am wondering how i might go about making some wall washers for my building - a bit like this:


i would like them to have just the one a single colour though, and would need to light up the front of this building:

please be gentle, i am a giant noob, so explain like i`m 5 if possible


(Thinking here in Blender Internal renderer terms …) Maybe start by giving the walls a color and setting the walls themselves to emit light. Nevermind that you can’t do that in “the real world.” This is not the real world.

You might wish to add a gradient to these colors, to mimic the light fall-off.

After you’ve done this, the walls will be sitting there, quietly glowing. Now, set each one to its own separate “layer” (the 20 buttons …), and put a spotlight of the same color in front of each wall, setting the light to be a layer-specific light which will only “shine upon” something in its own layer. (Also something that you can’t do in the real world.) These lights can be quite dim because they only need to add the “pool of light.”

Maybe it works best if the lights are square, not round.

Next, maybe you use a blur node so that the lighting appears just a little bit soft.

Maybe you diddle with the gradients of each panel to add a little bit of the neighboring panel’s light-color to the mix. Or, maybe you put another layer-specific light “next door,” right where that light is, but layer-specific so that it only shines upon “the panel next door.” Ditto with regard to not in the real world. :slight_smile:

What I have done, to come up with these suggestions, is to “look at the light.” To see what it is doing in terms of what I see on my computer screen, and how can I mimic that visual effect using CG. I know that whatever I come up with must “look plausible,” and yet that I don’t have to be bothered by “the real world” in doing it. (I don’t even have to use a CG light in order to achieve the pattern of colors and/or brightness on a surface that would plausibly be produced by a light. I can make the damm thing glow.) I’m also suggesting an approach of “stepwise refinement.” You can pore through the Blender docs and quickly find more info about the things that I’m referring to.

This thing ought to be able to render, each time, in a matter of mere seconds, because there’s not a whole lot going on.

wow. that was a detailed, and well thought through reply, im definitely going to give it a shot, however, im not exactly sure it will work for what i need. you see, this building is real, and i need to come up with suggestions as to how to light it. i was thinking of having a few washers at a shallow distance from the front of the building that could be ither be rotated or moved in order to determine the best angle or strength of the light. withe a lit wall, this may be near on impossible to achieve.
the model is also set in a game environment, something i should have mentioned earlier, so that may affect the way its lit too.

i will have a poke around and see what i can do.