i’m designing an apartment complex floorplan, and i made the basic skeleton, but when i tried texturing it with a texture i made, i couldn’t figure it out. http://www.aeskape.com/floorplan.zip is a zip with the blender file, the texture, and a screenshot of what i want it to look like. thanks in advance for the help :smiley:

btw, i got blender last week and i love it. loads better than what i’ve been using, though the interface was confusing at first.

Ok I am looking at your file right now
and you need to remove all doubles.
W key.
You should also recalculate all normals
outside with Ctrl N.

Looks like you got about 3 maybe 4 different
types of wall sections.

I suggest you take one of each section
and place them in a different layer.

Reason for this is because you will need
to use the UV editor to place the texture
correctly on each face of each wall section.

Having them in a different layer
makes working on them easier.

After you get them all done you
can just make linked duplicates
of each section with Alt D and place them
where they need to be according to the floor plan.