Walliserops is alive

Walliserops hammii, a trilobite from the Devonian.

I’m not fully happy with how it came out, but it’s time to move on.

Blender, Wings3d, Mudbox, Corel Photopaint, Krita, Mypaint, Incendia

bigger resolution:


Really nice work !!! I like the colors and the lights.

This is wonderful. I can scroll for minutes in the high rez version and detect detail after detail. And even the smallest detail is well executed. Kudos and 5*!

Awesome picture. 5 stars. Sure it will top row soon.

I just have one critique. The finger tips seem to dark. For some reason my eyes keep getting drawn to those finger tips. I can’t explain why other than they just appear darker than I think they should. Doesn’t take away from the great image though.

I do have to say that if I were in the water and saw something like that trilobyte, I don’t think I would be smiling. I would probably have the look of shear terror on my face, more like that snail about to be run over in your demo reel.

Great job. Love your animations.

Ryeath - you’re right about the fingers, it’s a problem with the SSS. I just came to a point where I gave up correcting all the errors and problems (it’s not the only problem of which I know). I will remember any constructive critique and try to make it better next time.
Aren’t you smiling when you see a new animal while diving? They eat plankton as far as I know, it’s not threatening.

ania, I’ve only tried using SSS once and I didn’t do very well with it, but I could see how it might cause issues.

I guess I would smile if I knew it wasn’t going to eat me. Perhaps I have seen too many “Aliens” movies. :slight_smile:

I think I remember seeing a WIP thread on this. You have been working for awhile on this one, right? The results are great.

Wow, super nice image. Almost looks like a first contact? With his buddies hiding in wait.

This is by far one of the nicest ,most believable underwater scene that I’ve seen…the hands also keep drawing my eye (aside from the SSS)…they are nicely modeled and the rest of her is a good pose of underwater swimming…but I would expect her hands in a cupped or fanned stabilizing stroke…sorry…I know its done …but so well done that I spent awhile looking closely …and couldn’t not mention that…you must be sorta hard to please.

Very nice and calm, five stars :slight_smile:

Great job love the little details on the rocks on the bottom. 5*

great work, although kind of terrifying. (I just get freaked out by giant bugs, sea bugs included)

Don’t know why you say that, I think it’s a 5* work. The atmosphere is perfect. I love the water surface… and the hair. Are they heavily painted over?

Also all the details are remarkable. She even have a scratch on her knee!

But the hands are also disturbing me. Not only because the dark fingers and the pose, also because they seem very thick for such a skinny girl


elZancudo -
there are several problems in the picture, the hands are just one of them. When I create something like that, it’s never perfect, I always see the errors, and when I put it into forums people see other errors which I missed. I just get to a point where I don’t care any more about most of the errors, where I just want to correct the worst issues and get it done and finished.

The hair is just color corrected, and I erased a bit of alpha on the left side, otherwise it’s original Blender Hair.
You can see here what the geometry is:

Since I posted this on another forum, maybe here someone’s interested to in some additional stuff:

Wire and UV:

The scene was divided into 4 parts (girl, floating trilobite, rocks trilobite, water), because it was getting too large. The hair is the most heavy and render-intensive object in the scene.
The rocks are fractals done in Incendia, with displacement added in Blender

Plancton, fish, godrays and other small stuff is overpaint, mostly painted in MyPaint, sometimes transformed in Krita, and put together in Corel Photopaint. I tried Krita for this, but the large resolution (5x7k) was really a problem, after 3 layers it was not possible to work (freeze and crash). In Corel there are about 30 Layers with color corrections, particles, rays etc.

yeah, I know what you mean, but it’s also true that when you work hard for several months in a piece like this, you will never achieve the perfect image that is in your mind… But perhaps in the meanwhile you get close enough to impress other people.
In the end there is more people liking it than finding mistakes.