Wallpaper Collection (12 images)

A collection of wallpaper done by me using blender 3d so feel free to use them as wallapper or so :smiley: and
feel free to leave you comment
If the images don’t appear here is the project link



I can see only one image. And it’s beautiful :slight_smile: (the one with the pink(?) tree)

Only one image is showing up, the cherry blossom tree. I like the render! Are you hosting these in Full-Res in your portfolio or on another site?

I hope that the images appears after the edit I made and yea feel free to use it in Freelance work

I only see three: the wooden carousel, the microphone and the living room. The first is beautiful, colours, composition, subject…
The microphone is good, but I don’t like the bokeh lights in the background: too small and weird scattering IMO
But congratulations, very good images so far!

I can only see the three images el_dib sees. Great stuff tho! Love them all so far.