Wallpaper of the day!

Hello everyone!

So I have been (once again) inspired be all you Blender artists! Lately I’ve been making my own wallpapers in Blender (a new one every day) and thought I’d start a thread to put them up here! And please feel free to post your own wallpapers!

Oh and please download any of them to use on your computer!

So here’s today’s “wallpaper of the day”!!

(I will always upload 1280x1024)


So here’s todays —>


You might want to have the background being other than retina-burning white, otherwise feel people will use them especially if they have to work in a darker room.

The crystals need a bit of work, the balls are better, you should read up on materials and lighting.

well i guess i can post one of mine :slight_smile:


@ Acewings06: Nice one! I really like that!

So here’s today’s creation. Thank you for your comment Cyborg Dragon! How’s the background on this one?

Oh and I designed this one for Ubuntu (running Gnome). That’s why his hands come up to far. Because the lower tool bar of Gnome covers up the bottom of the image and I wanted to get all of his hands in there.


Made this one a while ago

Whoa! That is cool! Ummm, what is it?

Here is one I made a while back, and a red & blue 3D glasses version I made recently:


Something I whipped up for fun a few weeks ago…




P.S. Thanks to CGTextures for the textures…

Heres one i made yesterday :smiley:


funddevi, 3D Geek, awesome work! Keep it up!

A sphere with hair =P

a little dark themed, but leaves plenty of realestate for icons.


Here is one I did a couple of days ago. :slight_smile:


@ 3D Geek — Can I have a .blend of that one?
(I think it would make a sweet red&blue 3d pic;))

Zenitor, wow that is a very nice skull! Nice composition too, like in a sense as you said, leaving room for icons.

A sphere with hair =P

Thanks for clearing that up :wink:

axelh92: This your first post on BA? Welcome to the forums! And cool fuzzy ball!

Minifig: How do you make your pictures red&blue?

Using the file from a tut here: http://madseeds.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1251

Thanks for the link Minifig!

Actually, You can thank Dazzle for the link: http://blenderartists.org/forum/showpost.php?p=1402651&postcount=18 :wink:

Minfig: sure, here it is, sorry if you wanted the arrays original position but i kinda messed it up a little:o


Cube Array.blend (126 KB)