Wallpaper(s) [Cube inspired]

Hello Forum.

This image inspired me to start experimenting for cool desktop wallpapers in blender:

So I went to work to produce this: (which has the honour to be the current wallpaper on my pc :D)

And then I thought… why not create some more nice desktop wallpapers… hmm. There is no reason! :stuck_out_tongue: The following two are the same meshes, different colour schemes. Which one do you prefer?

On a note: these are not meant to be very complex, but be simple, stylistic wallpapers. Download them if you like them.

EDIT: All were rendered in Cycles, the first one at 7000 samples, the latter two at 1500.

I love the first one. Actually, I like it more than the original. Reason I’m not downloading is because I’ve already got an awesome desktop… Which renderer did you use?

Haha, thanks. I prefer the first one over the others as well, but especially the second makes for a nice wallpaper as well. I used cycles, I will add that information to the first post, thanks for pointing it out:yes:

The first is the best in my opinion.
The others lack a little of contrast.