Wallpaper/Skydome set for Compiz

I’m testing the idea of wallpaper that matches the skydome image.
What I have in mind is for the cube to fully transparent when rotating so the skydome is fully visable beneath.
Here is an early test, next I’ll add features on the wallpaper that aren’t on the skydome for a layered effect. A ship mabey.?
*note, the skydome image is 1/4 scale due to uploading limits.:confused:
Ideas welcome.:cool:
Ps: Compiz ( formerly Beryl )is the fancy desktop in many Linux diributions. The 3rd image is a sample of it at work.


Wow that looks sweet. That is an awesome desktop! Much better than Vista. Looking good so far! Keep it up!

So, you’re proposing a wallpaper that matches the reflection? …:cool:

lol, nice wallpaper on that last one :wink:


How do you find compiz works with blender running?
I turned it off. I didn’t like the processor hit my system took every time I did anything to a window.
Nice eyecandy, but if it starts slowing down my blending, it’s fired.

I had a lot of problems with 3d in linux, until I figured out my Bios was set to the PCI slot, my Video card is a PCI-E.! Now it runs stable and clean :slight_smile:
I’m running AMD 64 with Nvidia 7300 ( 256 MB Vram) with Sabayon 3.4 Mini, and I can have 2 instances of Blender running and spin the cube with no problems :slight_smile: If you realy want to see what Linux/Compiz can do, go to youtube and search compiz. Amazing.
I did try out several distros before finding Sabayon. Its not easy like Ubuntu, but on my system it rocks!

For this idea of making wallpaper match skydome, I need to find a way to use the alpha channel for wallpaper, so I can have front objects appear in front of the skydome .