Wallpaper with array stuff

Don’t get any further then cubes with this array modifier thing (yet).
I made a wallpaper with it, hope you can enjoy it as much as I did making it.
1600x1200 Wallpaper:


i really like that sort of labeled stuff.

here’s my favorite array bg:

im seeing a glowish effect…!! howd you do it??

oh and, yeah looks good…The glow gives that ‘out of the pool’ effect :D:D

Nice, i like it so much im using it as my backround now! :slight_smile:

If you see me doing something cool, it’s most probably post-pro :]

I had many layers of this render in photoshop/Gimp/PSP/Photopaint style progs and applied different kinds of blur to them.

Oh and Phrangkk, thnx for hijacking my thread :]
(no worries mate, nice render)

my bad!


Nice! How do you do these arrays?

I don’t believe there’s a tutorial yet, but they have a few example files.
From what I’m looking at they use empties to control the rotation of each array modifier, for strange results you use more then one array.
Maybe you can assign different kinds of objects to control its rotation and have different kinds of results, haven’t tried yet.
Though I think it only affects its rotation.
I’d like to know some more myself like how they did that weird object on the bottom of the page.

Those are awesome. but maybe add some materials to it vliegtuig…

Hi vliegtuig, glad to see you’re using the Array modifier. I’ve put an example file on the bottom of that page with a simpler version of the weird object (that was actually posted by ideasman, so I don’t have the blend file).

The main thing to achieve the effect is having a very high vertex merge distance so the segments stay connected as long as the offset isn’t too much. This breaks if the position, rotation or scale is too high, I am hoping to make the array modifier do better skinning soon.

The object offset affects position, rotation and scale. It doesn’t matter what kind of object it is.

Artificer :slight_smile:

WOW the first real err glowy abstract I have seen and liked much come out of blender :smiley: Very nice use of PS layers…Good work dude

I’m looking at this array modifier thingy and i can’t work out how to install the patch?.. could anyone help :-?

looks coolio 8)

Hi 7immy,
The patch needs to be applied to a CVS checkout of the Blender source code and then compiled. However, there is at least one custom build of blender available which incorporates it.There’s a link to a description and a build which incorporates it at the top of https://blenderartists.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=62602


Nice! I like. New wallpaper :slight_smile:

Phrangkk, probably best to remove the image. Or at least make it a link. You are kinda hijacking.


Redbyte: thnx. I’m planning on doing more stuff with it.
I’ve always been more into the implementation of abstract 3D into 2D rather then on or the other.
Right now I’m busy with my new job (with a heavy G5 yay!) and a bit of freelancing, but in a month I’ll be posting new coolness :]

Artificer: nice you’re already working on updates.
I’m always eager to check out new things but as you can see not right now.

Yoshi: Actually there were materials involved but they sort of got lost during post-pro :]

Phrangkk: no worries mate.