I am making a wallpaper for my friend as a surprise. Anarki is what he uses when he games etc, and I want to really make sure it is nice.

Can you give me a harsh critique on this wallpaper.


As the result of a 3D software, it’s quite flat. Rotate your text to give some depth to the scene… and since the nickname is the main subject, center it in the image. Change also the material of the “tentacles”. They distract the attention of the viewer. Maybe some simple glossy metal which would reflect the nickname and the environment. I would also move the “tentacles” so that their heads don’t draw such a horizontal line under the nickname. I would rater have them come from the edges of the image and do something like push, pull or simple grab the nickname. That would be more dramatic. Last thing: Change the font used in the background to something less legible, Matrix style, like http://www.dafont.com/fr/hirosh.font or http://www.dafont.com/fr/atari-kids.font

Then you can come back for another round of tear down. :wink:

It looks like what I would call “scribble scrable” The two lines that go to the top look out of place and there seems to be no rhyme or reason for the other lines. The matrix things say “I can’t think of something original so I will copy matrix”.

Perhaps the lines/tentacles could come up from the bottom in a group (like a bundle of wires) and them split up to each letter showing that the letters are getting their “power” from the wires. Then add a glow to the letters.

Last Red is usually a bad choice for color as it tends to bleed more than other colors.

I will definitely come back for another round lol. After reading what you said I can see it now thanks

You are right what Kaluura told me about letting it come from the edges will definitely help with that rythm and reason.

And what you said is tru I could not think of anything so I thought the matrix effect would look cool.

He loves the colors red and black which is why I used it. I wanted to originally use a light blue.

The words can look better if you do some compositing and give them sort of a neon glow. Also, maybe consider positioning the words to the middle of the wallpaper. It’s a bit to the upper part right now.

I am just focusing on placement for now before I do alot of changes. Forget the lighting and look of the pipes. I went for the pipes all around approach what do you think would look better this or the pipes coming from either just the sides or bottom or top?


oh, I like this version MUCH better!!!

Thank you :slight_smile: now I can carry on further

Yep! I agree… Definitively much better already. Even the lightning is better. Now we can see details. However, just because I like nitpicking, I would change the curves of the tentacles attached to the 2 A’s to reduce the gap under the N.

Sorry I took long to post again have been busy.

Ok so I made a background that went with the red and techy theme. I did not want to go with a really dark background because it would just be to dark, so I went for the lighter one.

What do you think should I keep the background as it is or scrap it and start afresh.



I don’t like the new background.

Should scrap it?

How does this plain simple black backround look compared to the previous backround


The black background is better but only because the greyish one was really bad. Too bright, too distracting. It’s supposed to be a background. Besides, it should be either totally blurry because of DOF or not at all. Make a choice.

Any way, right now, I’m not sure what background I’d make for your image. The only thing I’m sure of is that it must be very subtle. Maybe just some reflections on a very dark tiled surface. Full black is a bit dull.

Next thing: The lightnings. They should emit some light. If they already do, increase the power. Use them to replace the yellow light. And make a choice: Either you give them a clear origin (the point of contact, for example, from which they “climb” on the letters and on the tentacles) or both ends must fade out like they do at the bottom of the initial “A”. It looks like you worked a lot (and well) on the first “A” then grew tired for the other letters.

Last thing: remove the lightnings floating in space, they will interfere with the future background… that I can hardly wait to see. :smiley:


How does the background look to you? I think one of the best things you can do in this process is get an eye for design. While asking for tips on how to make things look better make sure you know what you think looks good.

In my own opinion the lightning looks a bit repetitive, mostly in the size. When testing with things you might want to see what it looks like for the lightning to be different sizes on the different wires. Also real electricity doesn’t really surround wires like that but then again it doesn’t have to be realistic. It all depends on what style and look you are going for.

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

I agree I should definitely go with the dark subtle backround. My train of thought for the lightning was where the contact is made the lightning will just be there, which I thought lightning does lol :), but now I see basically making it alot more interactive with the scene.


You are 100 percent correct about gaining an eye for design because to be honest I don’t know alot about design and I am really eager to learn and all the advice I am receiving on this project I will certainly take it and apply it to future project.

The lightning definitely is repetitive and looking at it it can be boring. I am going to change it up, make it alot more random and interactive with the cables

Ok so I chose the dark subtle backround with the slight highlights on the red lines just to add that little bit more. Also varied the lightning aswel as added some with light to make it more interactive with the scene. The lightning looks a lot sharper now.


Definitively yes! :smiley: Lot of improvement on the lightnings.

I spent some time watching it in fullscreen and I like it. There are only 3 things that bug me.

First, what’s that unclean framing on the letters? The image is made of clearly defined shapes except for the lightnings which are like they must be… and that weird framing which isn’t really useful. I’d lose it.

Second, the material of the tentacles is weird. They look hollow in some areas. Fix it and reduce a bit the luminosity maybe. I’d also modify the curve of the tentacle at the bottom of the initial “A”. The angle at which it attaches with its “head” is strange.

Third, it seems there is some hint of yellow light at the foot of the second “A”.

Last, before to declare it “done”, I’d try some other colors instead of the cyan. Most probably yellowish or orange-ish. But maybe it’s just me who don’t like cyan.

I won’t mention a vignette. It seems to be quite trendy in the Blender world nowadays. Try just to see if you like it.

And don’t give a crappy JPEG to your friend! Lossless PNG, please… :yes:

Edit: I forgot the background! It just means that it’s good. It’s there but easy to forget.