wallpapers: 5 x 1024x768 images!!!

Here are some very simple test renders I made to learn how to work with AO a bit better. I made them all 1024x768 so if somebodyy has a lack of simple wallpapers feel free to use any of them :D.

Simple glass objects

Metallica Yelow

Metallica Red

Simple objects with very bright light

Simple red glass objects

They are nothing more or less then just some simple testrenders, but I like the simplicity of glass so I like them :D.

Really like the bright one and the one with the monkey :smiley:

I really like the last one, the blue is so soothing. But Metallica rocks also. Two thumbs up.

The first and the last seem the best for me. Very glassy.

you should probably use thumbnails or warn that your thread is so bandwidth intesive.

but really, all of those are very nice. the metallica, how did you make that model? do you have that font?

i like the really bright one.

One important c&c: try caustics in yafray. I think it will create a much more realistic glass.

tnx for the replys all, very kind.

hey shul, could you explain what u are saying? hjow should i do so? I used yafray for the last two images, but I have never used yafray befoer, how can i create such a effect, is there a tuor somewhere, could you help?

sorry for the bandwith images…