Walls just disappear

(jo42) #1


please don`t hit me if i am no. 1000 asking this question. I am a newbie!!!

I have a box shaped room somewher in the universe. When I render it
with a camera in the middle of the room, everything is fine, but when
I go back with the camera the opposite wall disappears. If
I move further with the camera, the side walls start to vanish…

What do I wrong? (Blender vers.: 2.23 and 2.04 tested)


(S68) #2


(hitting hard with a choccolate pudding :smiley: )

Select your camers,

go in Mesh Edit Window (F9)

There is a property called ClipEnd

When objects are further than that (default=100 units) objects are discarded from rendering.

Increase it :slight_smile:

Happy blending, welcome aboard


(gorgan_almi) #3

better solution is to shrink your universe (scale everything to 0.1 for example). This reduces the distortion caused by having the clipEnd set too high. :slight_smile: