Ok, so I am making a game with blender, but there is a problem with the walls…

First off I made a cube, and gave it the right size for my wall, but when I push the player against the wall, he dissapears into it.

How can I make a wall that he will not dissapear into? :confused:

Increase the wall s margin on th logic panel. its on the advanced tab, just click on it and some options will show up, then just increase the margin and your object will not pass trough it.

Now its just pushing me away :confused:
When I touch its shooting me away from it…

Your problem is, that you use the “Loc” actuator for movement. You must use “linV” instead and it won’t disappear anymore in walls, especially not bounce back. I had the same problem at the beginning…

Remark to magicjonsn’s post:

Loc - teleports your object by directly setting the objects position. If you teleport the object into a wall, the physics tries to correct the object’s position. This can end up with the object:

  • to be on the other side of the wall
  • to receive hughe forces that catapult the object away from the wall

When using dynamic objects better work with forces as already suggested.