::Wally's World:: tv series

Hey, I work at the Boys and Girls Club teaching a video broadcasting class and I recently introduced Blender to my job by producing 3D animated cartoon shorts to be broadcasted along with some of the kids work. This is what we came up with.



Wally is an eight year old squirrel and the main character of the show. Although a very loving squirrel, he is a bit simple-minded and is often caught talking to the narrator by the other animals. The narrator is just the voice inside Wally’s head and Wally turns to him for guidence when the animals are stuck or having problems.

Winslow is a horribly timid turtle and is easily scared into his shell. He has a wealth of knowledge that comes in handy once in a while but it doesn’t help him when he gets flipped over on his shell.


Sassy the elephant, she is the oldest of the group and is sort of a mother fugure to the smaller animals although at times she can loose her temper and have to set some of the animals straight.

Milton the chipmunk is 2 years old and the youngest of the group. Dont make fun of his height because he might go off. Milton has a problem with almost everyone and likes to cause trouble wherever he goes. Sassy spends a lot of time keeping this little guy in check.


Now that you are familiar with the characters, here is an episode of the show for you to watch. This is episode #2 and is called Milton Wants a taco. This skit was only ment for character development, which is why it only features two characters… Milton and Sassy

Windows Media File - 00:01:49

Quicktime Video File - 00:01:49

The show will be on tv by mid-Febuary, but any constructive criticism is completely welcome!


Blender rocks!.. A big thanx also to whomever made the python camera changing script… BIG HELP!

Cute Characters,
why does sassy has eggs for eyes btw?

AHAHA! :smiley:

Nice work there!

Really nice story, animation, characters, modelling, lighting etc.

Only thing I would change is add some trees. And thats it. :wink:

I busted my gut laughing!!!
good suff you got going there>

I love the sweet character design. But I’d add pupils to sassy’s eyes.
The animation is very sweet as well. :smiley:

thanx for the feedback,…

Sassy and Winslow’s eyes are white only because of my character design… thats how I drew them (without pupils). Its sort of a thing I do with some of my cartoon models… I know it looks weird at first.

I do have to add trees! thanx redbyte, your right.

A co-worker of mine (who also does the voice for winslow) just got done recording a theme song for the show, it sounds so awsome I have to share it with you>

HERE is the mp3

This is the long version for the first episode, I think its hilarious


That’s preaty cool!

And sounds like they had a blast doing it!

Can’t wait to see the next episode.

You have a very lovely set of characters going on here! Congratulations. They look like a series I WOULD WATCH (I don’t even have TV, because it mostly sucks).

Hope you pupils (students, not the eyes) will be inspired! Speaking of eyes, and despite what you say, give your characters one. It looks so much better IMHO.


My daughter watched it 10 times before quitting. Great job! She is quite a critic for a three year old. First thing she said was “poor elephant she can’t see!” i guess that means go for the eyes.

I personally like the job you did with the elephant’s ears, looked very well done. Share some tips about “elephant ear animation” ?

lol… thats awsome. :smiley:

well i guess thats my biggest critic right there :wink:

alright… the elephant gets eyes! and the landscape gets trees.

I’ll post the finished episode on the webpage Im creating for the show.

the kids had a great idea today for the theme song intro. We will have the animals playing in a band as we show a montage in the background and Winslow sings the “lets have an adventure” parts. lol