Walnut's boat...

Hi!How are you??I’m new…I made a little boat,composed of a half walnut’s sheel and a paper sail…What do you think about it??


oh, I made it with Blender!!

I think that unless it has mighty fine keel hidden under the plane, it isn’t very sea-capable :slight_smile:
Looks nice, although the holes in the paper have black circles around them (alpha-map problem, I think?). Walnutshell looks nice, but should be deeper in colour, and have somekind of texture. It is nicely modelled anyhow :wink:

Good idea … for continuation matybe try finding a simple sea tutorial (stucci texture) and let the boat be on the water :smiley:

You think well…I don’t know how to remove them,but anyway…
I made a sort of red wash-tub,but i don’t like the color…Maybe I’ll change it.I think the wather’s good.

see you

it looks great!

Heh. I like it. The walnut needs a little work - more depth and color, but I quite like the idea. You should put it into a raging storm.

good concept … i really like the idea

Hiiiiii…I repainted the wash-tub and retextured the walnut…
:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Very cool design, and well executed :slight_smile:
Just add more to the scene, like put it in a room or something

i like the second water better - it is more real! Nice work though! :smiley: