Walther p22 target

i did this for fun, and the handle sure is challenging:p! anyways, modelling is almost done, but i might add a flashlight.
i used the tecnique from my tutorial wich can be found here :http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=119414&highlight=handgun+tutorial

C&C welcome


here´s a blend. if anyone wanted one


P22.blend (773 KB)

i think the modelling is done now
c&c welcome


P22.blend (741 KB)

There’s not much to say. It’s good. Now, on to the texturing.

i´m working on it :), but in the mean while ive been working on a low poly version.


pretty darn cool u helped me with my efforts now ime glad to see the advice was from somebody who certainly knows what there talking about :slight_smile:

one more question and its a slightly cheeky one ime currently making a far cry mod called no remorse would u allow me to use this model in that game or is that just too cheeky ?? lol anyhow this is awesome keep it up

sure, but if you could print my name in the credits that could be awsome.
here´s the .blend http://files.filefront.com/P22+LPblend/;12240514;/fileinfo.html

hey blenderizer u are awesome thanx a bunch and credit goes without saying
if u want to see the progress on the game goto crymod its not up yet but ille be posting screenys very soon :wink:

i was bored, so i made a quick scene.


man, i just looked at that handle, and WOW! thats one awesomely modeled handle!

lol, thankyou:D