Walther P99 modeling

Im currently working on a Walther P99,and i need some help

If you look at some images of this gun you can see it has some small points for better grip on the handle
I dont know how to achieve those.
Modeling those into my existing mesh seems to be very difficult,but i havent tried yet
I dont know if i can achieve them with textures and bump mapping,but i would appreciate some help
Thank you

To get good sharp and rounded geometry you need mesh loops. For me, quickest way to do that is to just lay the mesh out by hand. One has control over mesh distribution and density that way. Using hot key makes easy and quick to lay it out (A). After main geometry is done, fill in the gaps. Add loops around the corner (B). Subsurface it to finish ©.


Since you did not post any of your wires ridix’s will help to discuss it more conveniently. If i look on wikimedia it looks like you already might have almost half of the loops to create bigger dots. If you isolate grip part from the rest of the model it should not be a problem to add more for the small ones too.
If you intend to make it low poly you will probably need to make a normalmap; then you could make these bumps floating above the grip surface as a separate mesh elements. Depends on what you’re up to.

Thx eppo,i´ll try to add them floating above the handle,since im not sure how to deal with normalmaps

Heres some wireframe and the actual gun