Walther P99 Topology


this is my second version of the Walther P99.

I am new to blender and gun modeling.

If anyone could give me a little feedback on the topology and the model itself it would be really helpful for me.


its pretty good topology would like to see some clay wires of it though

Thank you very much

Could you tell me how to do a cly wire render?

I´ve tried the wire settings in the material editor but this way everything else but the the edges gets transparent.

Add 2 materials to your object
1st is wire material and second is your clay,
assign only clay material to your object, then for wire material enable Z transparent, and in options tweak the Z Offset till ur wire looks ok

Always make sure that ur wire is 1st(before clay) and the assigned material is clay
and that should be it :wink:

I think i got it! :slight_smile:


nice it looks pretty good. "D sorrry i havent replyed in a while.

Thank you very much. It´s cool to hear someone is talking good about your work. :slight_smile:

Agreed! We all love comments, looks great by the way - very clean! :wink: