Wana Join- Free Game Project

Hello. I am making a game that will be a si-fi Shooter. that pretty much takes place on Earth in the year 3000. LOL. There will be more info later. But if you wana join. tell me ok. Email me at [email protected]

I am looking for good Experienced blender artist, Blender (GAME ENGINE) Makers, And Blender animaters… “Give me A Text”

First of all, posting an idea without showing progress is frowned upon these days.

Second, when you say Blender (Game Engine) Makers, do you mean the people who are working on Blender’s source code relative to the game engine, or something else? (Cause that’s what it looks like to me, and I’m pretty sure that they’re busy)

You should really start a wip thread once you already have something done. If you don’t post something, this will probably turn into a flame war. Just some advice.

NO. just Looking for people who maby have good experienced in the Game engine maby. U know.

Please post discussion topics in the proper forum. This will help keep the forums cleaner and allow users to find the information they are looking for much quicker. You can do this by asking a moderator to move the thread or start a new one in the proper forum and allow this one to fall away.

If you want to find people to join your game, I suggest logging into #blender or #gameblender on irc.freenode.net

You can use XChat to access the IRC room. Its free.

Owch… there’s the crunch. There are a lot of people making posts like this one and wondering why people get nasty back to them, so I’ll put up a few pointers…

  • Firstly, making stuff in Blender (or any 3D app) is easier for some than others, but in general is a lot of work… even for experienced Blenderheads. So, when you ask people to contribute, you’re asking a lot. If therefore you can’t be bothered to be up front about your idea, then a serious modeler, animator, etc would be crazy to sign up for their side of the contract.
  • The danger in working on projects like this is that everything needs to get done or the whole contract fails. It does not matter whether people put hours into modeling etc, if the sound people don’t perform… you get no final game: all that effort gone for nothing at whose expense? Not the person sitting there while people work for their cause… the poor modeller (texture artist etc) who put in the hours. And with open projects with little accountability, this is very likely to happen (I’ve also ended up failing to submit to a similar project because I became otherwise employed at the time).
  • Projects like this are good for artists who need an opportunity for exposure, so you need to let them know where they stand in regards to the intellectual propery etc of their own material. Even if your projet ends up never happening, I want to know that anything I make for you on unpaid basis, is going to be useable on my terms if I want to, say, include it on my own animation / modeling reel.
  • For that matter, if the project does pull off, I want some kind of quality assurance before I submit my own material. I might give you my ubereffort badguy which I spent hours on, but if you put it next to someone’s “I’m learning to extrude” model or pass it on to someone to rig badly, it makes the final product something I wouldn’t want to show a prospective employer (which would be my primary motivation for signing up).

At the moment, I have found someone who has actually made a complete game… fully finished, except their graphics need improving. Helping out this project means that I immediately miss the above issues… the game will be made because… it’s already up and running. As far as I know, I’m the only one commissioned to give the character designs a facelift, so as long as I complete the designs, I’m going to have a great sample of work to include on my C.V. I even have access to the SVN directly and can update the graphics myself as fast as I make them… see how this scenario eliminates the above risks?

Thanks for taking the time to explain that, Lancer,
I found it very helpful.

ill make a 3d model but thats i a can contribute:D

if you need it now send me a message