Wandering Movement Script

I created a script that randomly orientates an object (while taking into account its current orientation) and moves the object in that direction for a random amount of blender units, thus creating random movement.

The script does not take into account path finding, its just a base that you can work with.

Some things that you may want to add to it are:
-A way to make it so the object does not wander to far away
-Path finding
-Allowing the object to move along slopes.

Wandering Movement

hey andrew 101,

ive had a look at alot of your scripts and you seem pretty cluey with python and BGE

i was wondering could you write me up a script to constrain rotation of an object???
or tell me how i could do it?

thanks i advance

There is a constraint actuator you could try to use, it can be set to orientation.
I’m not sure how to use it though so you’re going to have to google it.

ok, thanks

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