Wanilson Figueiredo - Sketchbook

Hi folks!

This is my sketchbook, with pictures that didn’t become final works in my process of learning Blender…

First one: “Glass forest”
A forest made of glass trees. The trees were made in Structure Synth and then imported into Blender.
Rendered in Luxrender, some years ago:

Still Life
Made from a tutorial. Rendered in Cycles, with low quantity of samples:

Bidimensional Spider-Man
Bidimensional Spider-Man (drawed by John Byrne) imported like an svg image:

Modelling human body:

Gort (The Day Earth Stood Still):

Just playing around:

Optics experiments

converging lens:

Sun light passing through a square hole and being converged to a focal point by a converging lens… Rendered in Luxrender.

Total Internal Reflection:

Tube of glass showing the total internal reflection of the light emited by a blue lantern at bottom.
Blender + Luxrender

Dispersive glass (Cycles)

Custom glass material made in Cycles, capable of scattering light. Material made by meta-androcto, and avaiable at http://www.blendswap.com/blends/view/56470

Another image with same material:

One (incomplete) head, three materials:


Dispersive glass (Luxrender):

Dispersive glass (Cycles):

I see what you mean about te proportions, but its really good How long did it take you? http://itqueries.com/2008/03/21/slow-browsing-on-a-dial-up-connection/trackback/

Same previous model, now with eyes and a HDR image like background:

Just another prism scene, with different ligths intensities:

Wow, nice works here! I love all the experiments going on.

Thank you, @bossestrenders! :slight_smile:

Luxrender is an excellent tool to play with optics simulation in graphic computing, since it is a renderer strictly based in physics.

This is my version for the famous test scene Cornell Box:

Render engine: Luxrender, with Bidir and 750 Spp.

Render engine: Yafaray, with Pathtracing and 2K samples.

Render engine: Maxwell, with 16 sample level.

Abstract art installation:

Dispersion and caustics tests:



Mitsuba (no dispersion):

Some Luxrender renderings:

Lighting spheres:

Volumetric lighting v1:

Volumetric lighting v2: