Wanna balloon?

Wanna throw a party for your kids? Call Pennywise the Dancing Clown, and I promise, your kids won’t forget IT!

Simply brilliant - I have watched this closely on WIP, very impressed!!

Cheers, Clock.

Awesome !
Very nice and polished work ! well done !

Awesome job!

Thanks, guys!

what a horrible clown…haha, great work.

Thank you.

Hey, guys! I’ve got a question.
The second image (with the balloon) aroused some controversy: someone said to me, that it looks like Pennywise “loves” kids (kinda in a pedophile sense). Does it really look like this? Maybe I should change the text on the balloon to something less controversial?

Never crossed my mind and I am sure yours neither.

IMHO you have nothing to worry about. I most often find in life that “as a man thinketh so he is”, tell those
people to put that in their pipe and smoke it!

Thanks, Speed7, my thoughts exactly.

Also check the first post, there are new versions of the final images: slightly changed teeth material, hair and 2nd image’s composition, and made new post-production.

Wow, good stuff.

Thank you.

Very well done - shouldn’t have looked at this before I go to bed…

Nice job, I like it.

Remade the text on the balloon.

Perfectly scary - I love it!

Thank you.