Wanna Fight? - Animation Challenge #51

Watch entry - “Wanna Fight?” (YouTube)

This is a little animation I did for Animation Challenge #51 with the theme “fight”. It was ultimately voted as 1st place. Thanks to everyone who voted! I worked very much on/off for (i.e. occationally during) about two weeks on this. I focused on the animation alone in this entry, which is why the environment is so simple.

Thanks to the creators of the two characters and rigs:
Bassam/slikdigit’s Mancandy
Calvin’s Hamster

I know posted this in Animation Challenge #51 a while ago, but I thought it was polished enough to be considered a finished project I could post here. I would also love to get some constructive critique I could take with me to future animation projects, so feel free to post this as well!


lol, that´s pretty dark. but i was wondering about one thing, where did you get the voices from?

@the blenderizer:


oh. ok, thanks:p

Wow, a whole other side of Mancandy! :evilgrin: Very funny.

really great animation there…love your work!

I like it.
Where have you been?

Hi Mathias, long time no see. Great animation :slight_smile: for you next animation make the lips move more exaggerated. You can get a lot more expressions that way. :smiley:

Thanks for the positive feedback!

@PixelAlien: Where I’ve been? I’ve started a new school, which demands more time from me. I’ve been secretly watching the community from the dark shadows in the corners of BA while I’ve been buried in homework and many new social relations. :slight_smile:
But don’t worry, I’m not dead artistically. I still get some work done, I just don’t show as much as I used to, because I’m doing more commercial work now that ever before. I’ll make sure to post as much as I can, and I hope that can be more in the future.
I’ve been working on a new website as well, which I hope will make it easier for me to put things online faster. It should launch soon, and I’ll post it somewhere on this forum hopefully without it seeming like a shameless plug… (can that be done?)

@foCus: Thanks for the advice on the lips. Lip syncing is tough, since it seems you never get anywhere near done with it. It can always be improved upon, which applies to all animation, but the lips especially imo.