Wanna make a MOVIE ?

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I recently rescued this jewel from the alluminum scrap heap at my favorite electronic recycler. Litterally saved it from the smelter. He wanted 50.00 (usd) but I talked him down to 30.00. :-0. Its a 35mm film recorder. I added the Bell and Howell magazine and machined a new mounting plate for it. Now all I have to do is build a controller and find a good deal on a flat screen display that will do 2K.
It’s a Forox. Made by a bunch of former Oxberry employees. (hence the name for-merlly Oxberry) But is virtually the identiical movement as the Celco "Fury " film recorder. check them out if you have a cool 250,000 (usd) http://www.celco.com

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That’s pretty nice. How many FPS can it do? Are you actually planning on recording an animation to it to play through a projector? And most importantly, can it be used underwater?

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It was used originally as a film recorder to make 35mm slides, (8 perf) but can be cofigured to do half frame ( 4 perf ) for cine use. Since it’s an animation camera fps is sort of irrelevant but on Kodaks new transfer stock It should do 1 frame per sec. With roughy a .75 sec exposure. I was at Siggraph and saw the Celco film recorder and was amazed to find that they are just using a standard lcd display that can do 2K or 1920 x 1080 (hd5245) resolution. In addition they were also making a tripple exposure using color seperation filters. (YMC) I don’t plan on doing Color Correction. And yes I am going to put it online. Alas I did not get the control unit, but I’ve figured out a good hack with an industrial stepper drive that I recently aquired. I Still have to wire it up and spend some $$ on a display, so it will probably be a few months. The cool blender logo is after market and no it will not work underwater :-/

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Hi pannomatte,

This is very, very odd that you so happen to post this
picture of that thing (now i now it`s a" film recorder").

the reason i say that is that i work at a collage and i had
to spend sometime in the basement of one of the older building

and there laying on the floor is this same contraption, with a
“remove me” sign on it.

it was still there when i left, ( looks like its been there for years) and if you can show me what a "controller looks like, id be glad
to see if could try and get it for ya.


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You wouldn’t kid an old man like me now would you? I’ve uploaded some close ups of the unit here: http://home.swbell.net/pannomat/forcmp01.jpg The bottom pic is the connector coming off the camera. Its a DB37 (37 pin) Male connector, but I believe they were not very standardized in their cable implementation. Regardless if it’s a Forox, Oxberry, or evan a Merron Carrol controller I can make it work. They all stole each others tecnology and it’s all pretty much the same. I also included a shot of the transport mechanism in and out of the unit to illustrate how the film gate is removed. The apperture plate shown is an 8 perf, and I’m looking for (So I don’t have to make) a 4 perf aperture plate. On the right of the plate you can see the registration pins. I would be very interested in aquiring the whole unit if possible. What sort of loud sucking noise do I have to make to appese the powers that be in possesion of aforementioned unit. Blender needs to go to the movies. I think a great candidate would be Shiges (sp) Horus project. I bet he would go for it if we asked him. Would that be cool or what.