Want a beer?

(wewa_juicyb) #1

Don’t know what type of Heineken it is… I think I’ll call it KoldBeer. I made this cause I wanted to see what a keyframed Lens would look like. Now I know.


P.S> my home server is down so you’re gonna have to copy paste again…

(harkyman) #2

Oh yeah. That’s a nice effect. You can see it in the scene in the Fellowship of the Ring where Frodo is yelling at them to get off the path and you see that weird zoom effect on the forest. Other movies use it too. If you change the camera’s apparent lens length as you zoom, you get a freaky effect, which you’ve combined into a single motion-blurred frame. Again, nice.

Nice image too.

(bmax) #3

nice beer, but the effect is too strong i think. you can hardly make out what the bottle looks like. render it in lightflow!! its worth it!! %|

(pofo) #4

Cool effect… but the bottle looks empty. Who got here before me?

  1. pofo