Want a free game model?

I wonder if there is someone who would like some kind of low poly game model of some sort. Just tell me what you want and I’l make it for you. It can be anything from animals to skyscapres and bugs. I’m training you see, so I thought instead of just making a model and then throw it away someone could use it. So you can say anything:yes:

If you are just looking for some practice, try our silly little game content contest: http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=135656

OK, that seems to be a major challenge. texturing…ehh well I was just going to train for the next hour or so…xD Something that is not too big, a game character model or something. I will enter that contest, but you can still request models…:yes:

how about a big metal crate? something that can be used in space… dark feel. and no, i don’t want a 4 poly box.

A metal box? You mean that right, that is really simple if that is what you mean:spin: