want background image to change with frame counter


I have a sequence of background images that I need to use to create an animated sequence of 3D objects.

I understand how to create the models and create the animation using key framing.

I have a sequence of background images I need to use for building the models.

Eg frame 1, background001.jpg, frame 2. background002.jpg, …

Currently it is annoying to advance the frame counter with the arrow keys and manually load the background image via the view->background->use background->load->… sequence. It is error prone and I sometimes load the wrong image.

Can this be set up to automatically load the next background image when I advance the frame with an arrow key?

Activate the “Sequence” button in the “Background Image” dialog, load one image of your sequence, enable the “Auto Refresh” button and change the “Frames” below it to the actual number of frames your sequence has.
First time I have used this feature I thought it works like the “Backbuffer” field in the Scene buttons window, where you select one image of your sequence and than substitute each digit of the sequence number part by “#”.