Want models from the halo games?

If anyone wants any particular model from halo 1 or 2 i will be happy to export it. i can get you .JPG files of the bitmap for the halo 1 models as well.
So post here if you want some models.
Credit for all the models and textures i get you is: Bungie

i don’t need halo models, but perhaps you know how to extract the models from freespace 1/2? if u do know i’d love to know how.
just curious, is this legal? i don’t see why not, just asking.

I’m pretty sure extracting the models is illegal. Your license to play the game does not include reverse engineering, disassembling, recording, etc. Those game assets are valuable intellectual property, and they certainly don’t want them public domain. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should (or that it’s legal).

No its perfectly legal as long as you give credit. because the halo CE community has been doing it for years. bungie made the tools and let us do whatever we could do with them.
To answer your question wysiwyg no but if you could tell me what engine the game is based on (unreal, source that kind of thing) or what the models are compacted into i could help you.
EDIT: and reverse engineering is what i do and there are so many modding communities out there it would be impossible to prosecute them all.

Wow olly, you just opened a can o worms.
Just because people have been “doing it for years” doesn’t make it legal.
Just because there are “so many modding communities” doesn’t make it legal.
Just because Blender is free, doesn’t mean we are a bunch of freetards.
This forum is not for posting warez.
This forum is for artists.
Make your own damn models.

Dude i am just saying that i know its freaking legal!
I suck at modeling so i animate the models i extract.
This isn’t ilegal its perfectly fine just as long as you give credit. All i was asking was if anyone wanted any if you don’t agree the GTFO of my thread!
EDIT: Is the fact that the people who made the game giving us the tools to get them out of the game too confusing for your tiny insignificant brain to handle or are you just a retard who reads the first post and flames not giving a f**k about any of the other posts?
If you have anything against people who want to animate pre-made models or want to use the models as reference then don’t post in threads that are about that very thing.

Maybe it’s my “tiny insignificant brain”, but I thought Microsoft owned the IP.

On October 5, 2007, Bungie and Microsoft announced an end to their partnership, effectively making Bungie an independent company once again, now titled Bungie LLC (limited liability corporation). The Halo Intellectual Property (IP) remains with Microsoft.


I’m prepared to be proven wrong, but that’s how it looks.
…and when someone turns up in these forums with a 0 post count and starts offering models extracted from a commercial game, suspicion is a natural response.

And then there’s the whole ‘fan games on the forum’ issue, which I suggest you look into.

Nice intro buddy, I wont be reading any more of your posts.

The modding site for FreeSpace is here. http://www.hard-light.net/forums/index.php/board,8.0.html
Many of the original models have been replaced and the game engine (FreeSpace Open) has been upgraded.

The original fighters were in the 200-500 poly range with a single 256 texture, the upgraded ones are between 1k to 7k using 1024 textures (colour/shine/glow/normal)

The original game models are under a EULA and shouldn’t really be distributed.

Ok then fine besides all i wanted to do was give people some models. but no someone has to come and tell me that i am stupid for giving people the opportunity to get models from a game.