Want more Video tutorials on youtube?

I learned blender by watching video tutorials, and I think that having to wait for a whole .wmv or .avi file to load and then play in a choppy fashion is really distractive…

What I’m saying is this: Why don’t we the blender users of this and other forums just make a group on youtube where we upload our video tutorials for others to learn blender with? -they’re less of a strain on our machines, thus more people will learn blender quicker by watching!!

  • who’s with me!!??

(If it’s a ‘yes’ then help organize a youtube blender videotutorial group and start uploading your knowledge… as well as others you come across that will allow that.

go blender!! XD

great idea . too bad i dont teach, i learn

love to see it happen is wat im sayin

for those who don’t produce video tutorials such as myself, here’s what I suggest:

1: find a video tutorial you like (or all of the ones you like)

2: get permission from the authors to save the .avi or .wmv file or whatever format and upload it to youtube giving credit to the original author.

3: post the video on a youtube account and join those who do the same in a sort of blender tutorial ring…

4: repeat :slight_smile: and maybe make your own…

the 10 munit limitation on youtube is far to short for most tutorials. the lo resolution destroys most of the original detail.

I’d love to see some kind of channel/feed that I can subscribe to using Miro.

There’s already a video channel devoted to GIMP!

If you have a fast enough connection and a good player there’s no need to wait.

I agree with hessiess, youtube’s quality, resolution and length is rubbish.

Hmm…I wasn’t aware that there was a 10 minute limit on YouTube (perhaps because I’ve seen things like this, which were added before the limit was set, on March '06)

Anyway, why not try ShowMeDo? It’s exclusively for video tutorials (therefore, no “videos of my cat”). It supports higher resolutions (640, 800…) and, while it doesn’t really have a ten-minute limit, the admins encourage that a video much longer than 10 minutes be split up in parts (so as to not make a user wait for a whole hour of video to load…imagine if the browser crashes). Plus, there is a short series of Blender video tutorials by Glen Moyes that probably has site regulars asking for more.

i still think it should be on youtube. so wat if u cant have a vid over 10 min. how hard is it to make a part 2?

I would say that the low quality of youtube isn’t great for tutorials (IMO) for example, its hard to see the buttons / settings / etc. unless you zoomed in on in or something…

Anyways, just my HO,


Indeed, both its low quality and resolution are improper for video tutorials. A tutorial of the kind would require lots of zoom in/outs and panning across the screen to show things in good detail…which means more work for the person making the tutorial, and more confusion for the user/learner.

I’m not a fan of YouTube tutorials, either. Give me something I can download and watch on my own time. YouTube is blocked in a lot of places because of some of the content.


Im up for it, but I need some freeware software to record my screen and maybe a mouse highlighter.
Plus you guys havn’t heard about youtube’s DIRECTORS CUT profile - Its for amatuer filmmakers, and can go past 10 minutes. I personally think it would be ok to use this profile. D_stuctorr, if you want we can start a blendersartists.org account to share between a group of us and start up tutorial service.
I’d be willing to help if I can get that freeware recording software - and I’m not one for pirating software.
EDIT: Found a great software program that shows a halo around the mouse and is fullscreen with codec options: http://all-streaming-media.com/record-video-stream/CamStudio-freeware-Windows-Free-video-screen-capture-software-supporting-audio-recording.htm

is camtasia still doing the free offer? some one made a thread about it not too long ago

There is also stage6 which uses the DIVX web player…which is free and has GREAT video quality. They acctually post great movies on that site made by fans. Some of my favorites are Freddy vs. The Ghostbusters and Return of the Ghostbusters


Now my friend are ready to start some video tutorials / show type of thing. I’m wondering what people would like in it other than the show it self, and I was wondering what Blenderartists.org would think if we dressed in stuff from their shop

create a Guru Account! :wink:

My vote (with respect) is to stay away from You Tube. As a newbie to Blender I have been sucking down as many tutorials as I can. I find that the usability of a video on You Tube is a poor cousin to the usability of downloaded videos. Basically the resolution and video quality of a Blender tutorial on You Tube is simply too low and too poor. Ive tried to watch some videos there and to be honest, I couldn’t even make out the text on some of the settings. When I look at the videos that I download, some of those are 1024x720 and gorgeous to watch. I agree that the size of these downloaded videos is large but (for me) its a shrug if it takes 5 minutes, 10 minutes ot 15 minutes to download a video that I can save on my disk and watch over and over and … in many cases … follow along with.

Assuming that our goal is to make videos easily accessible, I’m sure we can come up with some repository (if one doesn’t already exist). Many of us (including myself) have web servers and would be happy to host large files for distribution if needed.

yes that is very true… but sometimes thats better than nothing. :smiley: