Want only a few adons installed in 2.77a in program files

I have a buidbot version on my desktop with all my addons installed, but I want my official version only to have a few addons to use, when I am going through tutorials from blender cookie. How do set things up to do this. As it is, when I installed the official version today, all my addons from the buildbot install seem activated, in the official version. Thanks, Brent

Optional Config Folderlol wow big letters :slight_smile:

https://github.com/meta-androcto/blenderpython the read me explains how to do this.
You can install ‘Official Blender’ as usual. Then download a build from buildbot & add the config folder & it’s seperate from installed blender, so you ca add/remove addons at will & it won’t affect ‘Official Install’

Thanks Meta, have a good weekend!

Tried config in the first location as shown in the first picture, but when I restarted and checked the config folder it was empty. Should I put it in the location as indicated be the second picture and what files do I then delete in app data? Thanks


use the config folder in the buildbot build, then ctrl/u & save use settings to make that build local. (it will only use the addons in it’s own file structure & will not use app data at all. no need to touch app data

Thanks, Meta.