want some inspiration?

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Here is a nice link:


For a start, look for Juan Gimenez at the ‘fantasy art’ section. Gimenez is very good.

But be careful to use links there. As long as you stay in the gallery, it is safe.


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Cool fantasy pictures, but I hate that the net is so full of this porn shit! Can´t there be one web page without pornography? Sigh…

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Can´t there be one web page without pornography? Sigh…

i sigh with u =( as long as theres sickies overpopulating the world, pornography will reign in art, life, and thought! :x :frowning: if u just check out www.3dshop.com youll see which pics are more popular… amazing pics VS. porn art… hmmm, seems porn will always win =|

that sites great though! my fave artist is there, pascal! his site is outta this world

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I posted this link for the fantasy pictures. There is nudity involved, but I do not mind this, as long as it is no cheap dirt (by the way, I see myself naked every day, filthy me).

So if one of the forum gods (no offense meant) disagrees with the link, just delete the thread. I wouldn t like to have a censored AND locked topic here. I just wanted to raise the artistic spirit a bit with something like this:


Sadly I cannot sort the content. And those gimenez pictures make my fingers itchy.


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Aye, I agree they are really great :slight_smile:
Alot of my favorite artists are in those galleries, thanks for sharing.

It’s a pity they mess up such a good site with those banners and pop-up windows though :frowning:

(acasto) #6

I too really liked some of those. There is a CLEAR distinction between porn and art. Just because something depcits a nude body, does not make it porn. For centuries, sculptors and artists alike have recongized the beauty of the human form, but few in modern society see that. One of the things I like about art like that, because it is the purest of creativty, it’s the artistis feelings and thoughts pouring out onto the work, it’s almost like visual poetry.

(Waffler) #7

It is sad how people seem to so quickly shun nudity, saying it is all dirty. Of all creation the human body is the worst designed? Really, that doesn’t make sence.

Through art I have gained an unbeleivable appreciation and deep respect for the human body. What could be more perfect? It left me at a point where I really do not know what erotic is. I do not become “turned on” and just the thought of other people viewing the body in a negetive way kindof offends me. Marveling over the lighting, shading, curves, and textures is an experience far too many people deprive themselves of - Blinded by some warped obsession or addiction.

… What seems to be even worse is that the world seems to promote such thinking as normal. Oh well. What’s the point in becomming perturbed over hundreds of thousands of closet nymphomaniacs and some who are quite public? Hopefully somthing like art could bring about what, to me, feels like a much more complete and deeper level of maturity. This is a perspective that I would never traid for some shallow pleasure with no lasting satisfaction, and is counterproductive as far as happiness goes.

(blengine) #8

but few in modern society see that

oh cmon acasto, they see it all too often! this ‘beauty’ u speak of, overpopulates the internet… erotic art…erotic photos…and asuch and such…hey im not bashing the nude body, buts it forced on me everywhere i go! sex appeal ads…a friggin ad for shoes shows nothing but this ‘beauty’…i mean cmon, if im gonna buy shoes, i wanna see the damn things!
ignorance is in abundance in the world…
i dont mind art, nude art, or erotic art, what i do mind is that the pervert most likely got aroused by his own work, and then u know what happens next…how bout some self control people? is this activity part of the ‘beauty’?? they walk hand and hand… haha, forgive the pun =)

saying it is all dirty

cmon now, copy and paste where we said that =D exaggeration is not good for proving a point

just the thought of other people viewing the body in a negetive way kindof offends me

cant u look past your disgust at us and figure out why? sex appeal sells in abundance, woman ARE objects in society, the tv says so! the paper says so! the internet says so! woo… i can buy and sell their sorry hot asses!..

for most people, its impossible to look beyond the hormones to see the art in the body, which there is no doubt, its a hidden art that has other agendas, selling jeans to joe sixpack—


(Waffler) #9

It is difficult to determin whether you are agitated, or just being sarcastic. The sarcasm is obvious, but I can’t tell if you are mocking the advertising industry, or offoring excuses? I’m confused…

Perhaps I over generalized quite a bit. You have to understand where I’m comming from. I have friends (no, I’m not claiming my own problems are some fictitious “friend’s”) that use porn and perversions as an escape for depression, but a large source of their depression is the porn. I see the negetive effects of such idle activity. What they need is to really accomplish something that they could be proud of. I thought that if there were so many in my tiny little school, out in the middle of nowhere, then there must be a lot elsewhere.

‘Beauty’ may be seen by society, but it is more of a surface appearence. Art is, by nature, deep in it’s own respect. Of course people could easily tell when somebody look good, and semebody else does not. That is built into our brains. I think acasto ment something deeper than what’s just on the surface – a beauty that is entirely separate from, and is in no way related to, sex appeal. Simple artistic beauty is not the same “sexy.” Sex sells, but a nude body doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with sex. I added that this non-sexual view should be understood by many more people.

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oh no here we go again… :o :o :o …another debate

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I’ve created a monster.


(acasto) #12

Also a major consideration, is intent. Alot of times, abstract type images, or fantasy, has a deaper meaning to the artist. Perhaps something in a dream, or the conveyance of a feeling and/or emotion in his or her life. There is a clear and present difference between an image created with exploitative and/or purely erotic intent, and one with an artistic/abstract intent.

To model something as in those photos, usually takes much more personal involvement in a work. It is not just like drawing or modeling an everyday object, it is a graphic form of a thought or feeling. I would bet that the type and mood of the images would vary with the artists moods and situation in life. Just like the interpretations in dreams, ‘fantasy’ type art, can be a portal into the state of the mind and soul.

I wish I could make such art. It would be wonderful if I could take the feelings and emotions swirling around within, and express them. I think it would make me feel much better in my life, as I don’t have many friends to talk to about things. Eveyone needs a way to vent the pressures and problems in their lifes, or even to express the joys. If not, then people could start flipping out. Some do this through song, some pick up the phone and call a friend, some write poems, while others paint, etc…

(blengine) #13

oh no here we go again… …another debate

lol no, not this time…i have no debate…i said what i wanted, back it 100% and it doesnt need followups :wink:

It is difficult to determin whether you are agitated, or just being sarcastic. The sarcasm is obvious, but I can’t tell if you are mocking the advertising industry, or offoring excuses?

im not agitated, lol…im rarely ever… internet is bad for displaying emotions through text =) part of it was truely mocking the ad industry, i hate it, selling products with sex, and thats working, hahaha…poor poor world… i dont watch tv anymore… no more brainwashing for me 8)

[edit] oh crud! i missed soemthing =D:

Sex sells, but a nude body doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with sex.

sex nor nude bodies are seen in advertising…portraying the female figure in an erotic fashion sells… that is what the “sex” in “sex sells” is meant to mean…we use women… woo! :wink:


(pofo) #14

I agree with the posts above stating that the nude body has an artistic value. Nothing wrong with nude people (though I’d say it can be inappropriate in some situations ;))
The “erotic art” gallery on the page HH mentioned was just that, art. I think it’s good of them to put it in a separate gallery since there may be people who’d find it offensive, don’t think many would though.

No the thing that got me a little upset (not much) was that when I opened the page this got slapped in my face ht(blah)tp://sexe.fan(blah)tasya.net/ (I messed it up so there wouldn’t be any link to a porn site, hope I didn’t offend anyone) as a pop-up window.
I don’t think anyone (even those who like it) can call that art. (If it was made to provoke and sicken me, it could possibly have been though.) And I find it disturbing that an art site would do something like that.

  1. pofo

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I only get that window if I move the cursor over the banner. As long as you stay clear of it, it’s okay.

By th way, if you follow the Gandalf ad, there is a really nice model of his hat. Good style.

As long as sexuality is more or less a tabu, sex will sell.

If people can call a picture with only one colour in it art, then everything is art.


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Um… I don’t even have the cursor in the same window. Don’t matter though, I can bear closing an offensive window now and then.

  1. pofo

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There are 12 year olds and younger browsing the net. That kind of stuff brainwashes them.

TV’s okay, as long as you can find the right show. Some good stuff are “The Outer Limits” and “The Twilight Zone.” (Both are referring to the originals, of course. New “TZ” 1 was kind of weird for TZ, and the new one isn’t out yet. “TOL” 2 was the kind of sex-filled thing that made you stop watching TV… only worse. The first 6 seasons showed on premium cable Showtime, for crying out loud!) Unfortunately, they play only on Sci-Fi, which has made it’s fortunes on sex-filled shows. Try the DVDs… they rock when they’re unsaturated by colored logos, even if I haven’t tested “TOL” and “TZ” was kind of drab. But, hey, “TOL” was supposed to take over your TV set, and on DVD, it can do it the way it was intended… no commercials! And “TZ” had some pretty cool plots that can get interrupted by those commercials.

Anyway, pornography was made by people who had nothing better to do than obsess with sexuality, simply because of the pleasure, and it evolved! Now I barely watch TV because I feel that there are things hidden within those shows that are simply the porno I hate and fear!

(Waffler) #18

I have to agree with whomever it was (I wasn’t really paying attention) who said that the human body has artistic merit. The human body is (I believe) what all beauty is based on – the human eye is most critical of the human form. For an artist to prove his ability, logically, it would seem the creation of a realistic human figure of absolute beauty would be necissary.

But that has more to do with the machanics of art – not the emotional connection. Nudity could have many symbolic meanings depending on context: innocence, joy, comphort, trust, warmth of beauty, rebellion – or opposite moods: isolation, lonliness, cold, discomphort, or alienation. The meaning of the image is set by colors, forms, flow, space, orientation, etc. Really, a lot could be expressed with the body, and a picture could have a much deeper, clearer message attatched to it than with anything else.

It might be because there is naturally more emotional attatchment to people than to objects. Actually, there was a lot I wanted to say about nature and innocence through a series animations … but I never actually finished the first 3D model.

Here’s basically what one of the animations was going to be like:

The first starts out with the camera looking out on a moutain, then it angles down onto a nice uncut field of golden hay. In the field is a girl (as a point of innocence and simply enjoying life) is walking nude and enjoying the scenery. There’s a certain warmth in the sunlight and freshness in the air.

Then she dashes off into the woods – ducking and weaving through trees and bushes. She’s just running because of the shear happiness of the moment. Then she stops, breathing heavilty, and breaks out laughing.

Noticing that she’s at the trunk of a large tree, she decides to climb. She climbs higher and higher, stopping breafly to peek into a birds-nest, then reaches the top. What a view.

She takes a leap – diving down into a cool pool of water, feeling it over every inch of her body and loving it’s refreshing clean feeling. She swims over to a rock, climbs up, and reclines to rest. The camera pans over to the tree, where several birds take off. Then the screen fades to black and it’s over.

It would have been so beautiful… I could never find the time to work on it though. Maybe, someday, I could get it done. Life and nature – joy and comphort. It really would have been something special… sigh…

(IMProvisar) #19

Just don’t do the Kate Moss runway-model type… half of them look like they’re either anarexic or junkies, and for some reason fashion companies think that’s beauty. Though, Kate Moss’s sister (Carrie-Ann Moss) is a babe… though it may be more to do with the character’s I’ve seen her play (Trinity in The Matrix, an a US Navy astronaut in Red Planet)… I like the brainy types. :slight_smile:


(Waffler) #20

Just so people don’t think I’m some sort of child molester (I most certainly am NOT), I thought I should clearify what I ment when I said ‘girl’. Somebody between the ages of 16 and 30 was more in my mind. I just wanted to make things a little clearer.