Want someone to join to a personal historic reconstruction project

I’m making a reconstruction of a historial space in my city. I plan to release in an unity executable and maybe as a web version once is optimal enough. you will be credited in the project and payed royalties if I find a possible way to monetize my project.

Most of the modeling is already done and I need help with some assets, like urban furniture, things such as lamps, cars, if you only model you’re welcome, but any skill is welcomed. I’m about to move things to the game engine and a good amount of my time will be spent coding now.

The place is the major square of Valladolid, one of the first major squares in Spain dated from1562, older than Madrid (1619) and Salamanca (1729). I plan on moving to make the square as it was at older moments in history.

Here are some pictures of what the project currently looks like

If you’re interested the IRL place is this one:

Also you can take a look at how it looked before since I also plan on adding some elements from back then:


I plan to comunicate throuht discord or telegram, any platform that allows sending files and easy realtime messaging.

What can you get joining this proyect?

  • I can teach you to work with any of the above and give you insight about certain areas you might not be familiar with, that’s probably the biggest reason I can see that you can gain joining me, you can learn faster but it will have to be things that help me, which are quite a few, so there’s probably something you can learn

  • Working on a medium sized team project (This was one of the reason I personlly liked joining proyects when I gained some experience)

  • And of course, being credited once the project is relased, and have a nice enviroment for assets modeled in your portfolio

Some of the tasks I need to do are:

  • Modeling
    – Completing the floor, modeling the pavement and adding some textures
    – Modeling the street floors (a geo nodes is already prepared for the heavy lifting for most this task)
    – Preparing online downloaded models (ie: changing materials to cars models from different sources), those models will later be placed in a randomized way which I will program
  • Scene organization and unity interoperability (Since it’s a decently sized scene you can play importing models and we could learn to develop a good way to import/export objects)

Hi bloox64

I hope you are doing good! I am interested in maybe joining the project. Do you perhaps want to send your discord tag and we can further communicate there?

Hope to chat to you soon.

i am interested in working with you. If you are still looking people please send a message. Thanks!

Hey, if its still open, I am interested to contribute in this project. please send a message or discord tag. Looking forward to chat with you.

Hi, I am beginner in Blender, but I know enough to make 3d models, I have a lot time and I will work for free… Just want to learn and to make some references.

I’m surprised this is getting so many replies days later. I’m talking to all of you, some I talked with but the back and forth conversetion has calmed a bit, I still hope to talk with you all, and hopefully make a group