Want to be a developer for my game

I am making a game about the backrooms. I have a entity modeler for my game and I need someone to be a map modeler. This mean someone make props for the map like a house or a main part of a level. if someone can make this part of level 19. level 19 is the 20th level of the backrooms it looks like a attic here is a image of level 19

I need someone to model it in blender and then send it to me. If someone does this you will be credited for my game and I got a surprise for the everyone that helps

When are you looking to start? I’ve got some basic blender modeling skills, but I’m still learning just fyi

I have started a bit on level 0 here a image of how it going

The texture are sometimes distorted but I fixed that

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Looks cool so far. I’m a little familiar with the backrooms, but is there anything specific you are wanting for props? I haven’t done tooo much with maps, but I can at least work on assets to place in different scenes. I can always come up with some concept sketches if you are interested.

Yeah there is a lot props I need for my game right now I tell what I need for my game. Level 94 house , level 9 house , level 19 attic , level 232 store shelf’s , level 0 wallpaper and carpet and the last thing is level fun cake and birthday tables also need carpet for level fun to. That is a lot of props for the game but I think you should start with the easier props like the 19 attic

Okay I will try to look into them. Let me know if anyone gets it finished before me and I will switch to something else.

Also send me the blender model here

Also here are some images for reference

Can I see an image of how level 19 is going?

I’ve been busy with family drama this weekend. Are you on a deadline? Or just hoping to have it by a certain date? Just want to make sure I prioritize it properly

Right now level 0 is being made but I made the player pov look like a body camera

There no date yet for the game

have you found anyone ? maybe I could help with a level like the house. I can make about everyhting for world creation

Could you make level 94 house and the attic in level 19?

Cool for me ! Do you have more reference pic for the level ? Can you pm with you discord or email :slight_smile:

Here my discord alex8#2511 and here are the images of the levels

I would like to help and join to team for developing this game.
In my opinion, my skill level in Blender is 3-4 out of 10… :slight_smile:
I think your game project will encourage me to improve myself.

So I drew out some sketches for level 19 with the attic. I was thinking of making them as so you could tile them together and adjust the layout of the attic in-game. Then you can either layout of the level yourself or use code to randomly generate them together so every gamer would have a different lay out.

The sketches of level 19 looks good but the path for level 19 will probably be the same for every player also I’m thinking that the level should have different paths like the player can go left or right or forward

I just made a drawing of the entrances for level 19

Sorry if my drawing bad I just woke up. Level 19 entrances should look like a normal opening to an attic the levels you can enter to get to level 19 are level 10 , level 9 , level 94 and level 4. Exits for level 19 is level 232 and level fun also level 232 is a infinite grocery store