Want to be a developer for my game

I am making a game about the backrooms. I have a entity modeler for my game and I need someone to be a map modeler. This mean someone make props for the map like a house or a main part of a level. if someone can make this part of level 19. level 19 is the 20th level of the backrooms it looks like a attic here is a image of level 19

I need someone to model it in blender and then send it to me. If someone does this you will be credited for my game and I got a surprise for the everyone that helps

When are you looking to start? I’ve got some basic blender modeling skills, but I’m still learning just fyi

I have started a bit on level 0 here a image of how it going

The texture are sometimes distorted but I fixed that

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Looks cool so far. I’m a little familiar with the backrooms, but is there anything specific you are wanting for props? I haven’t done tooo much with maps, but I can at least work on assets to place in different scenes. I can always come up with some concept sketches if you are interested.

Yeah there is a lot props I need for my game right now I tell what I need for my game. Level 94 house , level 9 house , level 19 attic , level 232 store shelf’s , level 0 wallpaper and carpet and the last thing is level fun cake and birthday tables also need carpet for level fun to. That is a lot of props for the game but I think you should start with the easier props like the 19 attic

Okay I will try to look into them. Let me know if anyone gets it finished before me and I will switch to something else.

Also send me the blender model here

Also here are some images for reference

Can I see an image of how level 19 is going?

I’ve been busy with family drama this weekend. Are you on a deadline? Or just hoping to have it by a certain date? Just want to make sure I prioritize it properly

Right now level 0 is being made but I made the player pov look like a body camera

There no date yet for the game

have you found anyone ? maybe I could help with a level like the house. I can make about everyhting for world creation

Could you make level 94 house and the attic in level 19?

Cool for me ! Do you have more reference pic for the level ? Can you pm with you discord or email :slight_smile:

Here my discord alex8#2511 and here are the images of the levels