Want to be part of a berlin blender studio ?

hi , would like to make a blender studio in berlin , a company that makes arquitectural stuff,animation,design and art.

the aim of this is of course to make a living , we could also offer free workshops of blender and related activities , free , but then when the student get the knowledge to do animation, arquitectural, he has to work in the studio one month for free , this is good for the studio , as it gets “free” work and for the student as he practice. also if we the company like him he can become part of the studio.

so, this proyect is only in my mind as i love blender and computer graphics and i love berlin.

is anyone interested to be part of the studio ?

I would love to live in Berlin for a while.

I already do architecture visualization with blender, I have about 5 years experiance with blender 3d.
I have about 7 years in CGart in general.

please tell us more :smiley:

Basically, you’re asking for people who can work for you on creating the workshop material and everything related? Is that correct?

How should the students live and survive if they need to work one month for free? And also, is the workshop material worth that much to make them work for free one full month?

There isn’t much to make a living from.

might need some better planning, though i agree a studio wouldn’t hurt the market, as well as the student program sounds good, but rather the student could learn there while working, and earning a living(students could get half the pay, but get experience, too) the students would have at least have the needed basic knowledge to work there though for witch you could have:

some other basic intro. workshops for some adequate fee, witch the students could afford… :slight_smile:

interesting idea, I do architecture visualization with blender and i’m living in berlin

i would love to start something like that here in the philippines! i guess i’ll be watching over this thread to learn from you guys…
i think more ideas regarding how to do this would help right?

some other basic intro. workshops for some adequate fee, witch the students could afford… :slight_smile:

i have a question: if you’ll be giving a workshop to students, then distribute certificates after it, how can it be given value? i mean, anybody can give out a piece of paper with a title “certificate”, but what requirements must be i have so that whatever will be given to them will have a value to the industry? or atleast the “paper” would give credibility.

yes its true it needs more planification but , we can do it. the thing felix kutt said its true , its better that way.

the student could learn there while working, and earning a living(students could get half the pay, but get experience, too)

i would like to start this proyect this year , plan it, and maybe start it the next summer, we need computers a studio , a web , clients …

i got friends in berlin who can look for a studio , in berlin is kind of cheap to rent studios, also xilemina also lives in berlin .

this is not foing to happen right now , it needs planification but hopefully for the summer we are ready to start.
, i got some money to buy new fast computers and stuff we need , we need a web page, this we can do it ourselves.

we can start doing arquitectural and but not only it , also design , maybe web pages if we got someone good at it , design , tv etc…

what do you think ? suggestions.

i think we should first do a “book” with chapters , into to the UI , materials etc… and then ask the blender found if they aprove it , then we use that as a workshop book and we give the certificate the blender found would aprouve.

maybe , any other ideas ?

hmm… indeed, i just remembered something i have read on blendernation from some time ago, about some blender foundation/blender institute certificate program something, but that could have just been an idea… :confused:

There is a studio in Vancouver that teaches Blender as well as produce work.


It’s definitely possible. I don’t know about Berlin though. Vancouver’s nick name is “Hollywood North”. Berlin is… well, not Hollywood. So good luck.

thanx man , well berlin has alot of things going on man , a lot.

Hi Giorgio

I’m presenting something related to the Blendernation at the Conference in Amsterdam next weekend. If you can attend on Sunday you’ll be able to hear me out and see if it provides answers to some of your questions and to see if you would like to get involved. If not, I’ll post the presentation/proposal here as soon as I’m back in sunny South Africa


this is very good idea i think…next year i will be in berlin for few months and i would like to join…maybe for longer time…i think that lot of prepairing is not necessary…only rent some studio, space…for example me: i will take lot of contracts in my country, come to berlin, start making my work, when somebody have not contract i will share… In free time we can make worksops exhibitions etc…maybe some EU grants can help

hi giorgio,
i’ve sent you a pm

for sure 10nas , i think i’ll start looking for a place around april , we also need cliendts and a good portofolio , and a web.

we keep on doing our things , doing portofolio and we keep in contac.

peace ;D