want to buy rally car models

HI guys, i am interesting to buy real and new rally car models.
Especially interested in Mitsubishi evo x.
Thanks, Guy

Hi neo10, I can create just about any model, all I need is the make,model and year and a set price, let me know, with care, Bizla.

I got a model of a car (porsche GT I think, I’m not really an expert…) I made a while ago. It’s got no inside, but the exterior looks nice. I don’t know what you need the cars for, so the lack of finish might not really problem?
Here is a render:

If you’re interessted, just let me know and we can make an arrangement.

Think we can make a help.Silk Road Game is specialized in building model.See our information here:http://www.game-silkroad.com/
You can contact us with your detailed deminds if you have interests.
[email protected]