Want to change your username?

(stevenn) #541

Anybody tell me that how i can change my username of my gmail account is it possible?

(Hans.P.G.) #542

I would like to change my name “Hans” to “Hans.P.G.” please.
I’ve been thinking Hans is too common and I should consider other people who have Hans in their names.
Hans.P.G. is the name I use on my homepage.

(Hans.P.G.) #543

Sorry for my duplication.

(Alvasin) #544

It’s a very important feature.Sometimes it is in badly needs to change the user name or password for the privacy of the account.I don,t yet want to do that.But it can be necessary at any time.

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(jeffcliff) #545

no thx…i have no need to change my url…

(Gabriel Prado) #547

Hello BA Crew.

Sorry for bumping up such an old topic, but I would like to change my nickname from “Ghaell” to “GabrielPrado” with is my real name, I’ve check availability and it seems to be ok.

I noticed there’s a whole bunch of topics for Name Change Requesting, I was not sure if I should create a new topic or not.


(Álvaro) #548


I would like my nickname to be just Álvaro. If already taken, then Álvaro_WS. Thanks in advance

(Bart Veldhuizen) #549

@GabrielPrado + @Alvaro_WS usernames updated!

I’ll lock this topic now, I almost didn’t notice this resurrected topic. Just create a new topic in #support:blender-artists-website-support if you need to get your username changed.

(Bart Veldhuizen) #550