Want to code around the parenting mechanism.

This are the following things i have in focus.

  1. There is no Scene-Node-Hierarchy manipulation over the Tree-View (dragn drop).
  2. You cant going one parent up in hierarchy by clicking the up key for example. (Ability for selecting the parent from one of his child that is currently selected)
  3. When selecting one parent node in viewport, the child nodes are not highlighted in some way. The lines that showing that they are connected are not enough.
  4. I think there is no instancing of hierarchies, so that when i use an empty as simple Transform-Node i cant instantiate the full hierarchy of it. Means if i add a new child to it all instances should have this new object too. (I have always do deep copy)

So the question is, is all of these over scripting possible?

You can copy/instanciate/… with python, but not change the behavior of the outliner, it’s written in C.

Are they using qt for GUI ?

no, it’s custom code / lib which almost draws immediate opengl from what I know