Want to create an art projection interior space


I working on a project where now I have to animate an art projection interior space. So I followed this youtube video to produce projection https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=adahnQCqmw0&t=204s .However, the world is now all black and I need to have natural lightning shine into the interior while having interior light outside the projection. I think my question would be how can I have both projections within the interior while having natural and artificial lighting within the space. So it won’t be so dark

The first image is where I have HDRI lighting in the world and the second setting is where only projection
Ps: the projection will be on the walls

Try disabling the volumetrics if you added that. Is that required? Since I used to work with projectors myself, is this for realistic client work and if so, what kind of (light output) projectors will be used? The image size appears to be rather hefty and may likely not work well in a daylight lit environment, or bright interior night lit environment for that matter. Direct sunlight will make it even worse.
For control, you could render out daylight, interior light, and projected light separately and simply add them together in post. But for client work, make sure the ratios are ballpark area correct, don’t give him false expectations if you have some work ethics.

This is for my school project, where we are designing a digital media museum. Currently, I need to do 4 clip of 10 sec interior animation with a projector projecting onto the surface. It doesn’t have to be realistic, I think I’m having a hard time figuring out how the lighting should be when places have these projections and places without it and is it even possible to hint an idea of color and the material of the building.