Want to finish the modeling of this...help

I am going to attach my first mesh so you can see what im talking about… im having eye problems with it to begin with. the eyes wont fit the sockets correct… also the pupils are acting dumb. I want it to be a white eye with black for the outer part of the pupil… and glowing red for the center of the pupil… but it shows up as gray and idk how to fix it.

next is the head… on the top of the head (left and right sides) it is dented… i want the head to be smoother but havnt been able to fix it.

after that comes the mouth… i want it to have teeth like this (how would i go about doing this?)

last… what can i do to make the doll look more scary?


Doll.blend (124 KB)

Well for the eyes and pupils, I see you have materials for them, but you haven’t assigned them to the regions of the eyes. The region that is gray has the lens.001 material assigned to it. This material’s color is gray. So, if you assign a gray material to this region, guess what? It’ll appear gray!!. I think I see what you are kinda after, a pupil and iris behind a transparent lens like real eye. To achieve that, you’ll have to do a bit more work. Or for a simple model, you can select the faces of the eye you want to be red, assign a red material to them, select the faces you want black, assign a black material to them…

As for the eyes not fitting the eye sockets, you haven’t modeled any eye sockets, you just have holes in your mesh. If you want the eyes to remain the size they are, then from the front view, select all the edges that make up the ring around the hole in the mesh, e-key to extrude, press enter, then use s-key to scale them down in size so they intersect with the eyes. This is a very crude way, a better way would be to actually model eye sockets that intersect with you eye balls. I’ve attached a screen shot of a character I was working on showing the eye sockets I modeled.

As for the teeth you want, just model them. If it were me I would start out with circles and extrude/scale to go from the big part at the gums down to the pointed parts. Then deal with the gums afterwards.

I’d suggest looking for character modeling tutorials to learn a bit more on these subjects…