Want to get a skin like effect on a model

I want to get a visual effect of the skin getting held like that seen in the statue but i have no idea how to.
Tried to use soft bodies on the model i want the effect to be seen on and collision on the other one. I weight painted the parts in want those ‘skin sinkings’ to be seem but hasn’t worked yet. I’m tryna make a slightly changed recreation of the picture above. I’m new to blender.
Thank you for your time.

I think you would get the best results by just sculpting it yourself.

Hello! Maybe you could try cloth with internal pressure on the area of collision instead of soft bodies. Cloth has improved a lot in the last versions.

So searched for a few hours and found that the shrinkwrap modifier works somewhat ok and easily. Thank you for all the replies

take a look at the cast modifier. You could link an emtpy at the fingertips and choose it as target in the cast modifier.