Want to Hire Blender Artist to Help with 3D Modeling of Our Product Line

We are a manufacturer. ($20 million in annual sales, 10 years in business) I am the IT director. We wrote a web-based product configurator in-house that works really well but has no pizazz because my team consists of programmers and not graphic artists. We can program 3D code, but we can’t draw at all. I’d like to hire a blender artist to help us with this. (Yes! this is all paid work) Project 1 will be to make a roughly accurate 3D model of one of our products, along with textures of the various exterior surfaces we offer for that product so we can see how well we can switch them using code. If that works out, then Project 2 would involve modeling all of our products in 3D and all of the options for each product so we can roll out a photo-realistically accurate 3D product configurator.

We may use these models in an IOS app using OpenGL directly, or via Unity3D or possibly a desktop browser app using WebGL, so we may also need modeling tweaks to make it support whatever programming SDK we want to use it in.

The Project 1 prototype doesn’t have to be super accurate but if we decide to move forward with Project 2 the models will need to be incredibly detailed.

If you are interested, please send me a link to any samples that would show your EXPERIENCE in this type of modeling. If I see a possible match, I will send you more details about our products and our company so you can give me a ballpark quote on Project 1 and we can go from there.

i have no current portfolio i’ve been working in blender for about 2.5 years if you get a hold of me i can send a pick, but before i could tell you if i can model your product i would have to know what it is. i am currently working with a couple developers to launch a game studio any additional funds would help. you can contact me at the forums at http://www.ingamingstudios.com/forum/ or you can pm me.

What’s the product?

Mind posting some pictures of a product? If not, what kind of products?