Want to learn C

Does anyone have any advice on how to learn to code I’m a complete begginer

Is it better to learn from a book?

thank :smiley:

I would suggest downloading the blender source and having a look at it. It may be daunting, but heck, its an example of a working program written primarily in C. Thats just my suggestion. Someone with more experience would probably disagree.


i think this may be a bit off topic

but anyways :smiley:

lots of good tuts on the net

look at lots of code, write lots of code

become one with your compiler :smiley:

it has been said that learnig C (C++) is like eating an elephant…

there’s alot to eat!

bon apetite



sorry If I posted off topic was’nt sure where to post this question

any advice on what compiler to use?

it kinda depends on your budget :smiley:

goto (thats programming lingo :smiley: ) …just kidding …google

and put in free compiler / lots to get you started

if your on linux, its built in :wink:

if you have beans in your jeans, M$ Visual C++ 6.0

but really, try some free ones and see how it goes

i started with Turbo C++ from Borland

and yes (before someone says it)…

we did write on stone tablets :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

good luck


Here’s a site with some tutorials, i’ve only used the visual basic tutorials which are fantastic but if the C\C++ tutorials are half as good then they’ll definitely be worth reading.


I wouldn’t recommend starting on anything too big like the Blender source code until you can make some little programs work! To use the marvellous eating an elephant analogy, if i had to eat an elephant i’d start by nibbling it’s tail rather than trying to fit it’s whole head into my mouth… hmmm, that’s made me hungry.

Good luck!

Start with Python (http://www.python.org ) as it’s a very nice - widely used - easy to start with language… (And even Blender uses it for scripts…) Then, when you’ve mastered that, try moving on to C++ (I’d skip learning C, 'cause it’s kinda outdated (IMHO of course)…

Well, that’s jest Mah two cents…


As Xnilator says, Python is probably the best way to learn the structures of programming, and you can also include it into your blending.
If you on the other hand want to get down with C++ i recomend http://www.bloodshed.net/ as a compiler. Its free and open source.
As for learning it and reading, do a tutorials search on google, i came up with this linkhttp://www.cyberdiem.com/vin/learn.html- and it seems like a good starting point.

With programming, and with blender for that matter, its easiest to learn it by tutorials and actually doing it. When and if you continue i recomend books, but not straight away-figure out if you like it first :wink:

scipping C,… to only learn C++ that is a bit strange imo.

C++ is more an extension of C, and it’s really usefull to be good in pure C in order to see the advantages and disadvantages of the Object Oriented approach of C++.
Besides the largest part of Blender code is straight C.

Also I think delphi or cbuilder are great starts in programming, it’s fun and easy, mostly because of the click and play functionality of the IDE’s.



i also just started learning C, but i had quite a lot of previous programming experience. If you are serious than it is best to buy a book. I bought ‘C by example’. Also, i disagree with skipping C and going straight to C++. That is like trying to eat an elephant before killing it. Enjoy learning C!


So far everyone I’ve talked to has said learn C first, I have a book I’ve been reading and trying to do all the examples, it’s called “The C Programming Language” by Kernighan and Ritchie

I think I’m going C and not python first, had more advice to do so

thanks for the advice

Take a class at a local community college, buy a book or two, and code a lot. The C programming language is a book written by the author of C and it’s a fairly small book, less than 300 pages. It gets right to the point. Depending on what system you have you can download free compilers. Windows - devcpp - www.bloodshed.net
linux - comes with gnu c/c++ compilers.

Good luck

when i learnt C in my course of engineering i studied a book called ‘Let Us C’ written by yashwant kanitkar.it is a very good book for beginners and intermedietes.but i guess this book is only available in india.you can also try a book written by some godfred guy…i forgot the name of the book.

hmmm …i’d say that depends on how useful C or Python will be for you. if you’re a linux user (MacOS, BSD, other *nix) - i’d also say go for C …but if you’re a windows user, then you won’t have much to do (with the system itself) with C, and Python would be more suitable …but that’s just some advice :stuck_out_tongue:

This doesn’t make much sense to me?
Asfar as I know you can do as much with python on Windows as you can on any of the Unix’es, same counts for C. It would make more sense to advise something like .NET for a Windows based developer.


true …it was a bit early when i posted that post %| …i was refering to the fact that in linux you can look into and alter most (if not all you’ll ever need) program’s codes to your need and feel …that way you can learn pretty fast …especially C, since most linux programs are in C.

…recomending .NET isn’t a bad idea …but he was asking wether to learn C or Python. thanks for the correction, though

…need sleep :expressionless: