Want to learn scripting

I have been using blender for about a year and have recently became interested in scripting. However, “I DO NOT KNOW EVEN A SINGLE WORD”.

I saw few sites, took a look at blender.org but my mind shut down on me

could someone recommend me any “SIMPLE” beginner’s tutorials on python scripting “ONLY IN BLENDER”


I already saw those and all the videos on youtube

could you refer me to any books ---- i searched many places but not a lot of people know scripting and those who do are too busy working to post a video

ok -I’ll bite. Here’s what you do (straight forward, actually) go here -> http://docs.python.org/tutorial/ follow those all the way -they take you from clueless to well, the right direction. then go here -> 1.open blender 2.find the console window 3.use it to follow the tutorials listed above that should teach you the language which is python (blender uses it) once you’re all set, go here -> http://www.blender.org/documentation/blender_python_api_2_60_5/ start with the first link and work your way down. this should teach you how to script blender with python (you could just go here right away, but if you are unfamiliar with python, it’ll hurt your brain. [speaks from experience] last thing. look up everything you can about lists, dictionaries and tuples from time to time. the whole point of scripting is to manipulate data. If you know python, it’s just a matter of applying what you know to blender’s api. K. that’s it. no shorter path really. There’s youtube, but you’ll still have to code to grasp it.

Wanna know bge python? First, learn the basics here. They were incredibly helpful to me.

I have made a small book in blender wiki , for complete begineers and people new to coding. Its 50% done but its already useful. You can find it here —> http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Us…_book_of_magic

kilon ---- the link doesn’t work

sonic14 — i saw the video playlist but want to know if learning python outside blender the same thing as learning it inside

D_structorr ------ i saw the sites but i am at a beginners level of a beginner

thanks for the help, if you guys know any other video tutorials or any sites for the beginners level of a beginner, please send me a link

any help is appreciated

Pretty much, yeah.

Blender tries hard to conform to The Python Way™ with all the built in classes and data access so there are (very few) surprises.


  • Learn python
  • Learn blender’s data model <–(the cause of most support questions)
  • Study the example templates and scripts included with blender
  • Then start small before you try to code the next big MMORPG in the bge

Sorry about that , here is the full link


Here’s another resource:

Also, open Blender and switch to Scripting layout. In the text editor there is a menu option called Templates. These are working examples of code that you can build or learn from.

I have finished watching all 46 videos and have finally learned the basics

What now???

Look at the code snippets (to be found here in the forum and …) to learn how the Blender Api is used …(all Python scripts!)

AND start for youself with a little project: I want to build an addon (myFirstAddon.py) and create e.g. an object of YOUR choice.
(look for examples from the templates and the snippets)

Then make the creation an operator, such that you can change vour object ‘life’ …

And then have a REAL wish, start and ask questions (e.g. here)