want to learn Softimage XSI too

hi friends :)…i’m currently using blender and luxology modo…i’m hoping to learn XSI too…below are the reasons

reason 1 :-blender has great modeling and nice animation system but i don’t like the rendering part :frowning:
reason 2 :-modo has a good render but not good for organic animations :frowning:

so befor jump in to XSI i wanna sort out some questions …plezz give some ideas about them

1) is XSI good for character animation ?
2) does it has a good dynamic system ?
3) what about rendering ( quality and speed ) ?

thanx in advance :slight_smile:

Well, if you can wait a bit, The render part of Blender is getting an overhaul in the near future.

yeah that’s true …i’m waiting for it :smiley: but meanwhile have to improve some thing :slight_smile: thanx

I hear XSI has a kick ass character system. So good, in fact, the Blur studios chose it over 3DSMax for the facial features alone.

XSI will get you a job, Blender won’t.

thanx atom :slight_smile:

Yea, I was going to mention Blur as well. I hear the animation tools in XSI are top of the line.
For me, it’s the modeling tools that are attractive. In XSI you can edit a mesh by moving verts/edges/faces without having to switch into a seperate mode or press a button to switch between them. They are all just selectable.

The most attractive thing to me though, is the mesh relax feature. Other software such as Max or Maya have this feature, but the XSI relax tool doesn’t change the mass/shape of the mesh nearly as much when you use it.

Mesh relax and UV relax are the two biggest things on my wishlist for blender right now!

thank u so much mate … gota give it a try :slight_smile:

I haven’t used XSI much and I didn’t used it for long either, but so far it’s my favorite 3d program right next to Blender. It’s very logical, friendly and sophisticated - in short well designed. For the little time I spent with 3dsmax I found it cludgy, clumsy and slow, and Maya might be flexible but it didn’t impress me immensely either. Remember, though, that I tried all three some years ago so they’ve probably changed.

XSI follows animator’s mindset, at least for me. It also has Mental Ray built-in as a native renderer.

I actually just uninstalled the XSI trial only 3 days of having it installed. As a native Maya user, I just found it to be backwards in navigation, and when it comes to using the built in Maya preset, I still couldn’t use the hotkeys XSI has by default. Then I’d have to go in there and start changing things…just didn’t care to try anymore.

Maya’s animation set is great too and used by many and many studios but I have a friend who uses XSI exclusively and he’s in love with it. I probably should have given it more of a chance but I would rather take the time to learn Blender than another Autodesk product.

@ hevonen & kirs - thanx u very much guyz :slight_smile: